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DECA Students Bring Home Medals from District Competition

(February 12, 2020) On Friday, Benton, Central, and Lafayette DECA students attended their District #1 competition at UMKC. District #1 consists of 13 high schools in the Northwest Missouri and Kansas City area. More than 500 students competed at this annual event.

During the district wide conference DECA members were evaluated by more than 50 business and industry professionals who served as competitive event judges. Students who participated in the competition solved realistic workplace problems through one-on-one interaction with an executive or community member.

Students participated in individual or team events, business operations research projects, and entrepreneurship projects.  Many of these students have been working on their projects since the fall. Event criteria were aligned with national curriculum standards.

Many of these students will be moving on to our 72nd annual Missouri DECA State Career Development Conference at Crown Center March 22-24. The students will compete against more than 2,000 DECA students throughout the state. This conference is sponsored by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.


Individual Events
Principles of Business Management
Bryanna Webster; Central; 2nd place
Fernando Regaldo; Central; Medalist
Ellie Wattenbarger; Lafayette; Medalist

Principles of Finance
Fernando Regaldo; Central; 1st place
Brady McAnally; Central, Medalist
Lauren Adamns; Lafayette, Medalist

Principles of Hospitality
Imrit Athwal; Central; Medalist
Keegan Lewis; Central; Medalist

Principles of Marketing
Keegan Lewis; Central; Medalist
Renner Grubb; Central; Medalist
Cassidy Payne; Lafayette; Medalist

Accounting Applications
Matt Davis; Central; Medalist

Apparel and Accessories
Taten Piepergerdes; Benton, Medalist
Jasmin Baltzer; Central; 2nd place

Automotive Services
Grayson Matthers; Central; Medalist
Shohab Nazar; Central; Medalist

Business Finance
Michael Tieman; Central; 2nd place

Business Service Marketing
Nathan Barry; Central; 4th place

Nathan Barry; Central; 4th place
Tristan Pritchett; Central; 5th place

Food Marketing
Michael Tieman; Central; 5th place

Hotel and Lodging
Sydney Flowers; Lafayette; 3rd place
Tyler Orth; Central; 4th place

Human Resources
Tristan Pritchett; Central; 2nd place
Taryn Weed; Lafayette; 3rd Place

Marketing Communications Series
Taryn Weed; Lafayete; 5th Place
Olivia Gray; Lafayette; Medalist

Quick Serve Restaurant Management
Ryann Akins; Central; Medalist
Kayla Cordonnier; Lafayette; Medalist

Restaurant Food Service Management
Jasmin Baltzar; Central; Medalist
Kayla Cordonnier; Lafayette; Medalist

Retail Merchandising
Lexi Meier; Central; 2nd place
Kayla Zook; Central; 3rd place
Sydney Flowers; Lafayette; Medalist

Team Events
Business Law and Ethics
Tenille Long & Fernando Regaldo; Central; 3rd place

Buying and Merchandising
Lexi Meier & Julie Tovar; Central; 1st place
Patrick Nguyen & Sam Moore; Central; 2nd place
Carsyn Allen & Ethan Duncan; Benton; 3rd place

Joshua Donalson & Abigail Dorsey; Central; 3rd place
Vlad Dunn & Anser Tai; Central; Medalist

Financial Services
Colten Joseph & Alex Steward; Central; 2nd place

Hospitality Services
Julie Tovar & Ryann Akins; Central; 1st place
Kayla Zook & Jasmin Baltzar; Central; 2nd place

Marketing Management
Caroline Ruden & Tarrin Deayon, Central; 4th Place

Sports and Entertainment
Sam Carillo & T.J. Larson; Central; 2nd place
Zach Parmer & Anser Tai; Central; 3rd place
Shohab Nazar & Jake Adkins; Central; Medalist

Travel And Tourism
Tarrin Deayon & Caroline Ruden; Lafayette; 4th Place

Written Projects
Buying & Merchandising Research
Michael Tieman & Mathew Davis; Central; 3rd place

Business Services Research
Alex Steward & Colten Joseph; Central; 1st place

Hospitality and Tourism Research
Sara Botturi; Central; 1st place

Sports & Entertainment Research
Luke Ensign & Clayton Mikesch; Central; 3rd place

Business Solutions
Sam Moore & Patrick Nguyen; Central; 1st place

Community Giving
Tenille Long & Jackson Weddle; Central; 2nd place
Ethan Lowe & Jori Winn; Lafayette; 1st Place

Financial Consulting
Clayton Mikesch; Central; 1st place

Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling
Bryanna Webster; Central; 2nd place
Lexi Meier; Central; 3rd place

Integrated Marketing Campaign Event
Preston Bowers & Chance Herie; Lafayette; 2nd Place

Integrated Marketing Campaign Service
Arista Kirby & Allison Murphy; Lafayette; 2nd Place

Professional Selling
Tristan Pritchett; Central; 1st place
Vladimir Dunn; Central; 2nd place
Shohab Nazar; Central; 3rd place

Professional Selling and Consulting
Caroline Ruden; Lafayette; 2nd place
Taytum Banks; Lafayette; 3rd place

Avery Sumner & RayRay Beaman; Lafayette; 1st Place

Start-up Business Plan
Quentin Trotter; Central; 2nd place