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PTA Council Presents Annual Founders Day Awards

Ruby Kate Wells Memorial Fund Recipients

Ruby Kate Wells Memorial Recipients

Denise Peters; Coleman (accepted by Tom Evans) , Mark Korrell; Robidoux, Alycen Fiegel, Rachelle Keller, and Katie Thomas; Carden Park


Outstanding Volunteers

Outstanding Volunteers

Cindy Allen; Carden Park, Jeanine Riddle; Coleman, Shawnda Embrey; Edison, Jessica Proffit; Field, Elaine Adams; Hosea, Ashley Nold; Hyde, Tina Koehler; Lindbergh, Terri Scott; Mark Twain, Tracie Hicks; Oak Grove, Billie Hartman; Parkway, April Hook; Pershing, Mary Sanders; Pickett, Denise O'Bryan; Skaith, Karrie Cunning; Bode, Sheryl Bremer; Robdioux, Marilyn Beck; Truman, Cheryl Peters; Benton, Erin Tieman; Central, and Donna Henman; Lafayette


Davis-Langemach Honoree

Jennifer Culver Davis-Langemach Honoree

Jennifer Culver


Board of Education Certificate of Appreciation

Lori Prussman and Tami Paisley

Tami Pasley and Lori Prussman


MOPTA Building Fund Honoree

Natalie Adkins

Natalie Adkins


Caroline B. Ullmann Honoree

Corinne Russell

Corrine Russell


Carpenter Board Honoree

Carpenter Board Honorees

All SJSD Nursing Staff


Help a Child to See

Help a Child See Honorees

All Units Achieved 100%


Lifetime PTA Leadership Honoree

Not Pictured

Cheryl Hale


Distinguished Service Award

Karen Humphrey Distinguished Service Award

Karen Humphrey


Outstanding Unit of the Year

Bessie Ellison Outstanding Unit

Bessie Ellison Elementary School


Outstanding Principal of the Year

Kara Anderson Outstanding Prinicpal

Kara Anderson