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Skaith Named Gold Star School by the Center

The Center awarded Skaith Elementary the Gold Star award for pursuing extraordinary measures or programs to improve school culture and create a community of kindness and compassion.

The nomination, printed in the Honors luncheon brochure, reads:

Skaith Elementary makes the community a better place by fostering a school culture of kindness and compassion. For the 2018 - 2019 school year, Skaith implemented a kindness curriculum for the entire school year, instead of having an anit-bullying event or awareness month. The school kicked off the school year with a kindness assembly that featured Don Tolly of American Family Instruance and his information about the Kindness Revolution. Each quarter of the year, they completed Quarterly Kindness Projects, which focused on demonstrating kindness to others. each week, they have a Kindness Challenge.

Each month, Skaith holds a Roadrunner Rally assembly (the roadrunner is the mascot) and they select a Kindness Ambassador from each classroom. These students have their photo displayed in the hallway and receive a t-shirt featuring the slogan, "Kindness starts with me." The classroom teachers use the curriculum available through to teach kindness lessons weekly in the classroom, and the counselor follows up bi-weekly classroom lessons. Additionally, staff uses positive office referrals to highlight kindness in kids on a daily basis. These are referrals to the principal for acts of kindness witnessed by adults in the building.

Skaith has impacted the community through its Quarterly Kindness Projects. The first quarter project was Kid President's Socktober, where socks were collected and donated to the Noyes Home and area homeless shelters. The second quarter project allowed students to purchase a "kindness gram" to send to another student for a quarter.. The money was donated the Salvation Army to purchase Aldi food vouchers for holiday meals. The current third quarter project is to "Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti," and each grade level is collecting paper towels and dog items for the animal shelter, coloring books and crayons for the pediatric unit of the hospitals, and toiletries for the Noyes Home. The fourth quarter project will be a food drive for Food for Kids, a ministry that feeds children in midtown St. Joseph during the summer.

Skaith Elementary is teaching its students to show compassion by fostering a culture of noticing and recognizing kindness within its walls, and by supporting the community around them.