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Building Excellence

Congratulations to our Building Support Staff of the Year!

 Each building chose a Building Support Staff of the Year from those nominated. These recipients will go on for consideration for the SJSD Support Staff of the Year.

Building Support Staff of the Year

Here are a few words about each of the recipients, excerpted from their nominations:

Benton High School
Kim Ulmer, Counseling Administrative Assistant
Kim is extremely thorough in everything she does. She is always very cheerful and takes on all duties and then some when asked. She is excellent with students. She is positive with all students and makes students and parents feel at ease when they enter the office. She always performs at the top level.

Bode Middle School
Natalie Adkins, Counselor
Natalie Adkins is a true pillar of support for all individuals at Bode. She makes a difference every single day. Nobody can talk with a student like Mrs. Adkins. She has the tools and personality to not only be a good listener, but also a great problem-solver and mentor. She dedicates her time to advocating for student success, and she is also an advocate for teachers, stressing the importance of self care.

Carden Park Elementary
April Payne, Library Facilitator
April has reorganized and restructured the library to offer more access to texts and flexible seating. She does so much more than circulating, including implementing innovative techniques, motivating students and welcoming all of our bus riders, greeting our school community each day with a smile and sometimes a dance.

Central High School
Greg Myers, Building Engineer

Greg Myers is one of the most dedicated people I have ever known. Being responsible for the daily operations of such an enormous building is quite daunting, but Mr. Myers handles even the most grungy task with enthusiasm and humility. I don’t think the word, “No” is in his vocabulary, and I have often heard people say, “Central wouldn’t run without Greg.”

Coleman Elementary School
Debbie Bryson, Nurse
Nurse Debbie has exemplary relationships with students and staff. She is always going above and beyond to help where needed. She works hard to keep the Coleman family healthy and happy.

District Office
Terry Cadwallader, Administrative Assistant, Special Programs
Terry handles the day-to-day operations of the Special Programs office and goes out of the way to assist every person in the department. He has amazing organizational skills, and he is always willing to help others in any and all needs and will work until the job is done. He also makes sure that every person is celebrated on his or her birthday and new people feel welcome.

Early Childhood
Sally Berten, Administrative Assistant, Keatley Center
Sally has been an incredible asset to the Keatley Center this school year. She is friendly, warm and welcoming to staff, parents, children and others. She is hard-working, reliable and helpful. She takes the initiative to find out the answers to all of the questions we have, and keeps our office organizes. She works well with the various departments in our building and has helped establish a sense of unity.

Edison Elementary
Jackie Love, Paraprofessional
Jackie is committed to her job. She cares about the students, academically and socially. She is sensitive to the students’ needs. She is a very compassionate, caring person, and her last name describes her best: "Love."

Ellison Elementary
Jodi Caton, Office Manager
Ms. Caton goes above and beyond to help successfully fulfill the needs of every student, their family members and the needs of the staff. She is one of the easiest people to talk to and her laughter, happiness and love of her job can be heard throughout the day. She helps Ellison run like a well-oiled machine, and she often helps her colleagues with her knowledge of the district and her job.

Field Elementary
Annie Bramlage, Counselor
Annie is the light of our school. She does so much for teachers, staff, principal and students. She is always there to lend an ear, offer some advice and help out. The students love her and literally cheer for her when she enters the room. She goes above and beyond when supporting students through trying times, making sure they are comfortable and safe while providing them an outlet to share their feelings.

Hillyard Technical Center
Roxann Schmerbach, Administrative Assistant
Roxann continually goes above and beyond to help our staff and high schools. Whether it is sending out twenty e-mails to notify us which schools are having a snow day or leaving little treats for us on holidays, she does it with pride and a smile. She is the glue that keeps all the pieces in place.

Hosea Elementary School
SSOY: Lacey Meier, Librarian
Lacey goes above and beyond, planning innovative and exciting learning opportunities for all students at Hosea. She not only teaches students how to love reading, but she also gets them excited about books. She is enthusiastic and compassionate about what she does every day, putting 110% into her work.

Hyde Elementary
Mike Cloud, Building Engineer
Mike has exhibited an exceptional positive attitude throughout his time at Hyde. He does every task with gladness and is willing to do anything asked of him. He is cheerful and friendly and our building shines because of his hard work. He goes above and beyond to make our classrooms ready for learning.

Lafayette High School
Becky Zuptich, Secretary
In addition to her regular duties, Ms. Zuptich is often the “go-to” person for many matters. She welcomes all visitors upon arrival and always treats people with kindness and respect. Staff and visitors find her approachable, helpful and patient. She is always professional and courteous, and she is organized, detail-oriented and willing to help anyone in need.

Lindbergh Elementary School
Stacy Kovac, Nurse
Stacy extends herself beyond the nurse’s clinic. She prides herself on quality care of not only our students and family, but our staff at Lindbergh. She believes it is her role to not only take care the health concerns, but also support the students’ social and emotional health. Her ability to form relationships comes easy and the bonds she creates with students are long-lasting and impact their success in the classroom.

Bob Bohot, Bricklayer
Attitude is Bob’s best quality. He always thinks in the positive. All you hear from Bob is, “Sure, we can do that,” “No problem,” “You guys need any help with that?” Next would be the quality of his work. It doesn’t matter if he is replacing one brick or tearing out half a wall of crumbling plaster – he will not say the job is done until he is satisfied it has met his standards. When he has left the work, you cannot tell it was ever patched, and the job site has been cleaned and dusted neater than Mr. Clean.

Mark Twain Elementary
DeeAnn Howell, Family Involvement Coordinator
DeeAnn goes above and beyond her regular responsibilities to build relationships with at-risk students. She is will take students under her wing and help students in crisis calm down. She brushes their hair, makes sure they have been fed, reads with them and checks in with them to make sure they are having a successful day. She is like a mom to these kids and a huge help to the classroom teachers.

Oak Grove Elementary
Sally Douglas, Secretary
Sally is an important part of the Oak Grove staff. The office could not run without her. She is great at her job, and she possesses the necessary skills to complete her responsibilities. She is loved by the students, staff and parents because she is friendly, knowledgeable and approachable.

Parkway Elementary
Courtney Foster, Building Engineer
Courtney goes above and beyond for whatever teachers need, even though it might not be part of her duties. She will interact in a positive manner with students, establishing meaningful relationships. She is a positive role model, and she is always checking in with teachers to see if there is anything she can do for them.

Pershing Elementary
Pat Deen, Building Engineer (Not pictured)
Pat goes above and beyond his daily duties to make the building run.

Pickett Elementary
Stephanie Grable, Library Facilitator
Stephanie brings amazing energy to Pickett. She has fresh ideas and is constantly thinking of new ways to get children excited about reading. This year she has brought in poets from Kansas City to inspire kids to write, started the highly popular “Cardinal Comic Club,” and encouraged kids to buy books through a Lip Sync Battle. She doesn’t just promote books to kids, she promotes learning.

Robidoux Middle School
Melissa Corey, Librarian
From the very beginning, Melissa has demonstrated a love for books, technology and a desire to build positive, supportive relationships with our students and staff. Melissa makes the library a place everyone wants to hang out. Melissa is never too busy to assist with a computer problem, recommend a book, help problem solve, or just listen and offer suggestions. She truly does it all.

Skaith Elementary
Jessica Corcimiglia, Secretary
Jessica is a star at her job. This is her second year, but it seems like she’s done it for years. She is open and friendly with parents and compassionate and enthusiastic with our students. Her organization and responsibility are impressive, and she always goes above and beyond.

Spring Garden Middle School
Shelly Miller, Cafeteria Cook
Shelly Miller has distinguished herself as an exceptional team member within our café. She goes above and beyond to provide not only nutritious meals of our students, but she is also integral in providing the caring and fun environment that our students and staff have the opportunity to experience daily.

Troester Media Center
SSOY: Zak Schneeflock, Audio Video Technology (Not pictured)
Zak handles more technology equipment than any other tech. He is responsible for all of the audiovisual equipment in over 1000 classrooms, and he is knowledgeable and friendly when it comes to assisting teachers.

Truman Middle School
Jenny Galloway, Special Education Para
Jenny is always willing to go above and beyond to meet the needs of our special education students. She has assisted with taking data, implementing our positive behavior supports, and even escorting students who need extra support in transition between classes. She meets all new challenges with a positive attitude and a willingness to do what is best for our students.

Webster Learning Center
Tammie Gerber, Special Education Paraprofessional
Mrs. Gerber shows genuine care about our students and staff. She goes above and beyond, using personal money to buy incentives for students who have met academic and behavior goals, and for classroom resources. She has many years of experience working with an at-risk population and strives to interact with students in a pleasant way.