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Pilot Programs Aim to Improve Literacy

Two online tools - iReady and Lexia - are being piloted in the St. Joseph School District.

These pilots are aimed at improving student literacy and pinpointing specific skills for student learning growth.

The resources are adaptive, meaning they are customized to the needs of individual students. Both adaptive resources utilize diagnostic testing, growth monitoring and skill development.

      -Adaptive resources help teachers pinpoint specific skills for growth

      -Students work in productive, engaging, focused skill intervention

      -Both resources supplement instructional practices already in place in classrooms

      -Both resources provide a diagnostic assessment and focused instructional resources targeted to the needs of individual students

While no resource is a substitute for high-quality instruction from teachers, these tools may assist teachers in helping students with math and reading skills.

Three middle schools and four elementary schools currently host the iReady pilot program:

      -Bode, Spring Garden, Robidoux

      -Lindbergh, Field, Humboldt, Hosea

Two elementary schools have the Lexia pilot program:

      -Pickett and Skaith