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Nuts & Bolts for Starting SJSD Preschool

Preschool Tips for 2019-2020

Arrival and Dismissal:

The St. Joseph School District is offering transportation to all preschoolers for 2019-2020. To facilitate this process, the children have been placed in classrooms according to their address.

We anticipate that most children will be riding the bus. If you choose to transport your preschooler, she will still be placed in preschool according to your address.

If you transport your child, we require that you follow building arrival and dismissal plans.

Keatley’s arrival/dismissal plan is currently under construction. We anticipate a bus drop-off line and a car drop-off line. Teachers will have more information at Meet Your Teacher, and we will update the handbook as more information becomes available.

Oak Grove
The parking map will be available at Meet Your Teacher. By accepting a placement in preschool, you are signifying acceptance of our arrival/drop-off policy.

What to wear & bring to school:
Your preschooler should wear casual clothes that may get messy with paint or clay. Send your child to school with a jacket or coat if it is chilly. We may go outside (even for just a bit) when it is over 20 degrees outside. Shoes should be comfortable and safe. Please do not send your child to school in flip flops or high heels. Please DO send a backpack with your child each day. Your child’s backpack should be big enough for an 8 X 10 piece of paper. Please put your child’s name on hats, gloves, coats, and backpacks. Please do not send a toy to school with your child. We do not want a special toy to become lost or broken. Please send an extra set of clothes to school to be kept in his backpack.

Birthday Treats:
We cannot have birthday parties at school, but we want to celebrate your preschooler’s special day. Please chat about treats beforehand with the teacher. Because of allergy concerns, all birthday treats must be commercially packaged and labeled.

Being Safe:

  • When you visit your child’s classroom (other than P.A.C.T. days), we ask that you stop by the office to get a badge.
  • When picking your child up early, you must sign him out from the school’s office.
  • We will have regularly scheduled safety drills, such as fire drills, at preschool.
  • In case of accident or illness, we may call home. Please make sure that we have current contact information and multiple, current emergency contacts.