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Question of the Week....

Question of the week......

week of Nov 11..........

This week marked the 1st of our student tours, 8th graders from Spring Garden came for a tour. Hillyard Technical Center's student ambassodors (chosen and trainined in advance) were the tour leaders. A few of the ambassadors were ask the question this week---

"Why did you want to be a student ambassador?"

Maddie in Computer Service Technology thought it would help her to come out of her shell a little

Konnor in Computer Service Technology wanted the opportunity to represent Hillyard and help some younger students realize how nice it is here

Christopher in Auto Services said he likes meeing new people and hearing the opinion of others.

Blake in HVACR thought it was an opportunity to reach out to and influence other students

Ali in Medical Transcription said she wanted to be an ambassador ever since she came with her 8th grade class on a tour!

Angel in Medical Transciption said she thought it looked like fun


week of Nov 4 ..............

"What is your favorite thing to do in your class at Hillyard?"

Jordan in Computer Technology likes to work on computers

Trevor in Computer Technology says he likes "all of the work"

Khiler in Fire Science likes to socialize at break time

Noah in Fire Science says the machines in the breakroom have good candy...I agree :)

Gunner in Auto Collision and Repair likes the idea of furthering his trade

Alex in Precision Machine Technology likes working on all the machines

Ryan in Auto Collision and Repair likes painting


week of Oct 29......

"Did you get an opportunity to visit with the representatives at the career fair? What did you learn?"

Nick in Computer Technology: "I did not know O'Reily's had I.T. jobs."

Hunter in HVACR: "Hillyard is better than a 4 year college".

Cohner in HVACR: "Gray Manufacturing has some sweet welds"

Michael in HVACR: "There are opportunities available, not just in HVACR, that I would be interested in."

Grant in Automobile Technology: "There are opportunities available for me now as a part time employee."

Paige & Emma in Medical Transciption enjoyed the opportunity to walk through and see the companies that were represented.

Joel in Computer Technology: "Interstate Battery has an I.T. Department with cool jobs repairing cell phones".

week of Oct 22 ......

"Do you feel like you missed out on things at your home school by coming to Hillyard?"

12 students from Precision Machine Technology and Electronics Technology said "No". However, 4 students from Electronics Technology did believe they had to make sacrifices:

Kevin missed JROTC

James missed Debate

Thomas missed Band

Zavier missed TAG

week of Oct 15 ...............

"If you had the opportunity to speak to a student that was still undecided about whether he/she wanted to come to Hillyard, what would you say?"

Abby in Health Services: "Dont come for the wrong reasons".

Clarissa in Health Services: "Come because the class is truly something you are interested in".

Jasmine, Carmelisa and Christoperh in Health Services are say "Come. Its worth it!"

Seth in HVACR: "I love coming to Hillyard because of the hands-on learning, better than sitting in classroom".

Braden in HVACR: "You should come!"

Madi in Computer Technology says "look at programs you are interested in, take a tour".

Wyatt in Computer Technology says "What are you waiting for?? It's fun!"

Tyler in HVACR: "You can earn a certification that can help you qualify for a better job".

Seth (2) in HVACR says "coming to Hillyard will give you a visual of what a job will look like"


week of Oct 8........

"Share something you have learned so far this year in your class at Hillyard Technical Center"

Tyler in Carpentry: "How to do an overhang".

Austin in EMT-Basic: "How to insert NPA (nasal airway)"

Ethan in Carpentry: "How to do rafters".

Michael in Computer Service Technology: "Able to trouble shoot and fix computer problems".

Richard in Computer Service Technology: "Different layers of OSI model and functions".

Tyler in EMT-Basic: "How to check blood sugers".

River in EMT-Basic: "How to raise a stretcher and how to use a 12-lead".

Chandler in Computer Service Technology: "How to set up and configure a server".



week of Oct 1........

"Would you recommend Hillyard to a friend? Why or why not?"

Jordan in Medical Transcription: "Yes, because of the experience"

Delanie in Medical Transcription: "Yes, because of "hands on" experiences"

Brittany in EMT: "Yes, I already have"

River in EMT: "Yes, because of work experiece and the opportunity to make new friends"

Shelby in EMT: "Yes, because at HTC a student is treated more as an adult and for the work experience"

Shane in Welding: "Yes, because of the possibility of getting a better job"


week of Sept 24

"What do you like best about attending classes at Hillyard Technical Center?"

Elizah in Computer Technology: "Opportunity for certification"

Chandler in Computer Technology: "Learning something I am truly interested in"

Keenan in Collision Repair & Refinishing: "Experience"

Riley in Collision Repair & Refinishing: "Meeting new friends"

Ben in HVACR: "Not just sitting at a desk"

Austin in Collision Repair & Refinishing: "Work opportunities"

George in HVACR: "It's fun"

Konnor in Computer Technology: "Offer classes not available at my high school...and, Ms. G"


week of Sept 17

"Why did you choose to come to Hillyard Technical Center?"

Student responses......

Riley in Electronics Technology: "For a job"

Jacob in Precision Machine Technology: "Thought it was a smarter decision than college"

Chris in Precision Machine Technology: "For a better future"

Joshua in Precision Machine Technology: "Just always wanted to"

Alli in Automobile Service Technology: "For the auto mechanics class"

Holden in Automobile Service Technology: "To learn a skill"

Brennen in Automobile Service Technology: "To get ahead of the competition in the job market"