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Week in review

This week at Hillyard Technical Center..........

Student Ambassadors received training on the programs offered at Hillyard, brushed up their speaking skills and begain giving tours to 8th graders this week. All St. Joseph School District 8th graders will tour the facility. Sophmores from all 19 sending schools (as well as home schooled students) will be touring between now and the end of January. Spring Garden was the first 8th grade tour with 60 students this week. 

Additionally, Mrs. Whitmer (Hillyard Technical Center counselor) will visit sending schools and speak with the sophmore class. Those sophmores will visit Hillyard Technical Center after the first of the year and have an opportunity to ask questions, visit a specific program, complete an application. 

AG classes were busy this week. In additional to their monthly FFA meeting, Friday was AG Immersion Day. All Ag students participated in the day long event which included former students as speakers, information on further educational opportunities at Northwest Missouri State University and virtual experiences. 

Computer Service Technology has five senior students that are beginning an internship program at Mosaic. The students will report to Mosaic two days a week (instead of coming to Hillyard Technical Center).