• Practical Nursing

    Coordinator:   Crystal Oldham



    Program Overview

    The Practical Nursing Program prepares qualified men and women to care for individuals with health problems throughout life.

    The program is a planned sequence of instruction from the physical, biological and behavioral sciences utilizing the nursing process format. The classroom portion of the course is integrated with a supervised clinical at various health care settings.

    The program is on conditionally approved accreditation status by the Missouri State Board of Nursing, approved by the State Department of Education, and sponsored by the School District of St. Joseph.

    The students completing the program will receive a certificate of completion. Graduates are eligible to apply to the State Board of Nursing to take the national licensing examination. Only the State Board of Nursing can grant permission to take the examination. Passage of the licensure examination qualifies the individual as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Licensing does not guarantee employment as a Licensed Practical Nurse.
  • Length of Program

    This program is 11 months of classroom and clinical studies - including holidays and vacation. Academic year/completion = 1181 hours, 39 weeks. One Class (average of 20 students) is selected each year. 

    Hillyard Technical Center follows the St. Joseph School District calendar, which can be found under the 'District Info' tab on their website homepage.
    Cost of Attendance
    For current tuition and fees, please check the program catalog.
    Human Anatomy & Physiology (available at Hillyard Technical Center; for credit or noncredit).  A transferable course must include a laboratory experience and cover all body systems.  The course hours must be comparable to the course at Hillyard Technical Center.  It is strongly recommended that you take Human Anatomy and Physiology for college credit, to make articulation easier with RN programs. Prerequisites must be completed by the third week of July, in the year you plan to start in the program.  A grade of C or above is required for prerequisites.
    Selection Criteria:
    Application file must be complete with transcripts/GED, pre-entrance assessment results, and three references, to be considered.  Call to confirm file is complete.  Applicants are rated by the following criteria:  grade point average; pre-entrance assessment results; Human Anatomy and Physiology grade (if completed); Medical Terminology (if completed); transcript grades in science and math (if taken); three references, and health care work experience.
  • Semester 1
    Personal Vocational Concepts
    Nutrition and Diet Therapy
    Fundamentals of Nursing
    Geriatric Nursing
    Medical Surgical Nursing I
    Clinical I
    Semester 2
    IV Therapy
    Pediatric Nursing
    Growth and Development
    Medical Surgical Nursing II
    Maternal and Newborn Nursing
    Leadership and Management 
    Mental Health Nursing
    Clinical II
  • National Licensing Examination Pass Rates
    2015:  79.17%
    2014:  100% 
    2013:  82.76%
    2012:  88.89%
    2011:  92.59%
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