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Vision Forward

A broad-based group of citizens will develop a long-range plan for the St. Joseph School District that reflects the community’s priorities related to the future operations and educational opportunities for students in the district. Creative Entourage, a firm with experience in leading community engagement programs and members of the district’s administrative team will help guide the process. Recommendations made to the St. Joseph Board of Education by December 2022.

The process for developing a long-range plan for the SJSD is open to participants who are current, past, future parents, alumni, business owners, community members and SJSD staff. A series of community engagement workshops designed and led by the Community Engagement Committee will gather information on topics relevant to continuous improvement in the St. Joseph School District. The workshops will consist of dialogue and discussions in small group settings. Presentations by administrative staff will provide participants with important facts and data about academics, district programs, demographics, challenges facing the district.