Third Quarter Shining Stars

Third Quarter Shining Stars
Posted on 04/04/2022
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These teachers and staff shine bright as our third quarter Shining Stars! Read what their nominators had to say about our winners below.



Sherri Auxier
Sherri Auxier, Custodial Engineer, Noyes, Keatley, and TMC
Sherri Auxier has adjusted her schedule (voluntarily) to accommodate all the needs at 3 locations. She handles the scheduling and events for the Keatley Center, cleans after hours at Noyes, and still takes care of the cleaning needs at TMC. She is doing the work of 3 people and is always willing to help. She is the type of person that you never have to call because she calls you before an issue arises. She takes pride in what she does and takes ownership. She is very deserving of this award.

Laurel Lafollette

Laurel Lafollette, 3rd Grade Teacher, Lindbergh Elementary School
I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting and working with Laurel this school year. She is dedicated, passionate, and works so hard to meet her students' needs. She never misses a day and comes in prepared and ready to go each and every day. As a new staff member to Lindbergh, I am so grateful that I have had her as a teaching partner to help navigate a new building and a new grade level. Teacher support is so important, and she has been the best. She is someone who never looks for recognition or praise, she just does her job, and she does it so well. She is someone so worthy of being recognized for her commitment to her school, her colleagues, and her students.

Ashton Cecil
Ashton Cecil, 2nd Grade Teacher, Coleman Elementary School
In January, after the SJSD shut down due to staff illness, there was still uncertainty as to how all of our students were going to make it to school with only two of our six bus routes running. Ashton wanted to ensure our students were able to get to school, and safely, so she orchestrated a plan for our teachers to escort them to & from school. On Monday, the 24th, when the SJSD reopened, despite the cold, Ashton led a group of teachers to nearby Brittany Village, where they were able to walk about 30 of our students to school that morning. It was heartwarming to see them coming up Beck Road with both a police car & a firetruck accompanying them! Not only did it get our students to school safely, but it was fun for them to know that their teachers, because of Ashton, cared enough to make sure they were able to get to school even though there was no bussing. Way to go Ashton!

Daniel Moss
Daniel Moss, 4th Grade Teacher, Coleman Elementary School
I am nominating Daniel Moss because I believe that he goes above and beyond for everything that he does. He started his teaching career during the first year of Covid and handled it so well! He is truly so caring and intuitive with his students. He has a few kids with behavioral issues but he works with them and tries to find alternatives to help the students. He is actually on a committee to help with the behaviors, that he volunteered for. He also has a few ESOL kids and he goes out of his way to make sure that they know what is going on and have a good understanding. His students truly adore him as a teacher. Each one of his students holds a special place in his heart and they will always be there. He is the kindest, most patient person that I know. Daniel is always looking for ways to have fun while learning and also making sure that each student feels included and wanted. He rolls with the punches and take anything thrown at him head on, all with the biggest smile on his face! This nomination would totally let him know that all of his hard work and love for his students have definitely not been unnoticed and that he is appreciated for everything.

Chris Matthews
Chris Matthews, Building Engineer, Hosea
We have been short a custodian, but Chris has never swayed from keeping our building looking amazing! He works extra hours, always goes the extra mile for whatever the staff asks, is supportive and friendly with the students, and does whatever needs to be done to make sure our building runs smoothly. He leads our custodial staff in a positive manner that keeps everything running smoothly!

Kayla Collins
Kayla Collins, Speech Language Pathologist, Carden Park Elementary School
Kayla regularly goes above and beyond for the speech and language department. She constantly advocates for her peers as well as students with disabilities. Kayla is the contact person in our department for assistive technology devices and services. Kayla keeps up on assistive technology research and development. She always emails out and shares the information she learns with her peer SLPs. This year, Kayla volunteered to serve on the salary committee so that our group would be represented. She has spent countless hours trying to convey what SLPs do as a profession and what the district could do to keep and attract SLPs within the district. Furthermore, Kayla is the contact person for all of our department speech and language tests. She organizes and keeps in regular contact with SLPs in the department to ensure that they can get the assessments they need for evaluating students. In the therapy room, Kayla is kind and compassionate to her students. She spends hours after school researching materials and programs to assist her students. Kayla is always willing to help her SLP peers when a tricky situation comes up. She is great at problem solving and collaborating. Overall, Kayla is a great role model for SLPs in our department as well as the students she serves. She deserves to be recognized for her dedication to the district and to the SLP profession.

Carolyn Grable
Carolyn Grable, Speech Implementer, Carden Park Elementary School
Mrs. Grable is one the most caring teachers in the St. Joseph School District. In her 19 years as a speech implementer, she has helped so many children learn how to speak clearly and effectively. This greatly impacts a child's self-esteem and success in school. Mrs. Grable is extremely patient and calm, creating a learning environment where kids feel comfortable practicing their communication skills, such as conversational turn-taking, using descriptive language, and articulating sounds clearly. Mrs. Grable independently seeks continuing education opportunities outside of school professional development to hone her skills. Being able to communicate with others efficiently is a valuable skill in life, and many students have realized their speech/language potential with the guidance of Mrs. Grable.

Tanya Dalrymple
Tanya Dalrymple, Behavior Interventionist, Spring Garden Middle School
Mrs. Dalrymple has worked incredibly hard this school year to recognize students who are following expectations and showing kindness. She created a VIP lunch section for students who are nominated by teachers for being Responsible, Respectful, and Safe. Students eat together, play cards, and visit. The climate/vibe in the building is so positive due to her time recognizing students and staff. She models positive behaviors and interactions. Mrs. Dalrymple checks in with students throughout the day and creates a safe and nurturing environment. She has led multiple professional developments in the building to support teachers with strategies to help regulate students emotions and behaviors. She has created and organized a Gold Rush where students can earn coupons to redeem for prizes in the RedZone. She has also partnered with several surrounding business like Taco Bell and Sonic to collect prizes to give to students. She recently worked with our Student Council to help organize an assembly that was solely focused on celebrating students and staff. We appreciate all of her work and her contributions to the building.

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