• What is VEST?

    Volunteers, Educators, Students Together (VEST) is an educational partnership involving the St. Joseph Public Schools and the St. Joseph community. It is designed to enhance our student's educational experiences and aid the work of professional educators by offering the special talents and resources of the community in the public schools.

    Who can be a volunteer?

    EVERYONE! Volunteers include parents, senior citizens, college and high school students, people in the business world, and other community members.

    A volunteer needs no special qualifications, just a genuine concern for children in our schools.
    Volunteer opportunities are coordinated by the District's Department of Volunteer Services. Each volunteer will be working with a building principal, a teacher, or other professionals who will give help as needed.   
    Interested in volunteering or becoming a mentor?
     Please submit the online application below or print a hard copy of the application
    and return it to the Volunteer Services Office or any St. Joseph School District building.