• Corinne Russell

    Corinne Russell 

    World Languages Department
    Email: corinne.russell@sjsd.k12.mo.us
    Subject(s) Taught:  French I, II, III-Honors / Pre-IB, IV-Honors, IV-IB
    Room #:  213
    aka:  frenchlangwitch 

    Bienvenue au Programme De Français du Lycée Central. Welcome to Central High School French program.  

    We are delighted that your student has chosen to learn French. The goal of our program is to ensure that your student learns to communicate effectively in French and gains an understanding of the French-speaking world.  
    Speaking a foreign language is a valuable life skill in today's society.  Most colleges now require 2 or 4 years of the same foreign language; by completing the foreign language requirement in high school, your student is saving time and money.  

    So, why study French? Because competence in French can enhance your career possibilities, whatever career you are planning. In engineering business, chemistry, physics, communications, advertising, banking, teaching, travel and tourism, government service, or overseas employment, knowledge of French could be the extra selling point needed. 


    French is the language of 200 million people worldwide.  
    It is spoken in 51 countries.  
    It is spoken on the 5 continents!