• Agricultural Sales

    Course ID: 9387
    Credit: 1
    Grade Level: 11-12
    Schools: B-C-L

    Prerequisite: Completion of CASE Intro to AFNR in the St. Joseph School District.

    *This course meets one semester and takes up two class periods, earning 1 credit.

    This course combines agribusiness sales, agribusiness marketing, and content based on agricultural economic principles. Computer applications are included to enhance student understanding and utilization of current technology. Units include human relations, verbal and written communication, agricultural economic principles, agribusiness management, agribusiness technologies, career development, and retail agribusiness.

    Course Rationale: Agriculture encompasses the food, fiber, conservation and natural resource systems, employing over 20% of the nation’s workforce. Application of economic principles and business management to the agriculture industry provides the basis for financial success of an agribusiness.

    This class is open to Juniors or Seniors in the St. Joseph School District who have successfully completed CASE Intro to AFNR or equivalent coursework from previous district(s).