• Forward with SJSD 1 Vision

    Central Message Heard in One Vision Meetings

    It is no secret that the St. Joseph School District has experienced some challenging times. But a sentiment heard time and time again, from those who participated in the One Vision Community Engagement Program, is that it is now time to move forward for our children — that we cannot allow past problems to harm the ability of our children to receive the education they deserve and need to be well-prepared for the workforce or for higher education.

    That’s why One Vision participants decided to place a proposal on the November 2017 ballot. If passed, this proposal would enable the district to:

    • Avoid damaging cuts in staff and programs
    • Improve early childhood education
    • Balance the budget
    • Provide a strong foundation for ongoing and needed improvements

    The proposal calls for restoring the portion of the tax rate that was lowered from the sunset retiring three years and eliminating the Proposition C rollback (see our website for more information about this.) In total this is a $1.15 increase, but only 52 cents more than the rate in 2014. That means the owner of a $100,000 house will pay about $1.90 more a week in taxes compared to 2014.

    While One Vision participants evaluated an option calling for a higher amount — they opted for this more conservative approach at the current time.

    A Proposal for Our District by Our People

    The One Vision proposal is the result of hundreds of people attending community engagement meetings held throughout our district. A clear consensus was reached resulting from these meetings. Participants called for maintaining and improving the quality of education, eliminating deficit spending, and providing stable long term finances for the district with no sunset. We thank One Vision for the countless hours of work, high level of dedication, and a strong commitment to improving our schools and community.