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Welcome to the Special Services Department

The Special Services Department is located at 925 Felix (ground level). The Department oversees all programming and compliance guidelines for the District’s students with disabilities, and related state and federal reporting. Other responsibilities of the Department include monitoring of Section 504, Homebound, Health Services, and Non-Public School Services.

Dr. Colhour

Dr. Denise Colhour, Director of Special Services

Dr. Colhour began her career in 1993 as an educator in the field of special education and reading. She worked in SJSD from 1999-2001 as a special education teacher at Lake Contrary. For three years following, she was the director of a special education cooperative. She returned to SJSD in 2004 as the Coordinator of Special Education. She was appointed as the Assistant Director of Special Education Services in 2008, and in 2009 as the Director of Special Services.

Dr. Colhour received her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Baker University and her Ed.S. in Administration from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She earned her M.S. in Education and a B.S. in Education from the University of Central Missouri. Dr. Colhour holds certification in K-12 Learning Disabilities, K-12 Special Reading, 7-12 Social Studies and K-12 Special Education Administration.


Marlena Walley, Coordinator of Federal Programs

Marlena Walley began her career as a special education teacher in 1999. She worked in the Independence School District as a Special Education Process Coordinator from 2008-2013. Marlena was then appointed a
s the Coordinator of Special Services serving as assistant to the Director. She served in this capacity for two years prior to joining the St. Joseph School District. 

Marlena received her Ed.S. in School Administration (K-8) and Special Education Administration
(K-12) from the University of Central Missouri. She earned her M.S. in Education and a B.S. in Education from the University of Central Missouri.

Terry Cadwallader, Office Manager
Sharon Sollars, Administrative Assistant

Roxanne McCulloch-Perry, Administrative Assistant


SpEd Staff


First Row:  Kelly Brandon, Deb Conrad, Michelle Carpentieri
Second Row:  Judith Meyer, Jean Bosworth, Julie McKay, Sharon Sollars
Third Row:  LeeAnn Rick, Jenny Burhoop, Dawn Dennis, Paula Chambers
Fourth Row:  Danielle Wright and Terry Cadwallader