• SJSD 1 Vision

    The St. Joseph School District began a community engagement effort a few months ago with a series of open houses under the label Voices of St. Joe.

    One Vision continues the community engagement process and sets the District up for continued outreach moving forward. One Vision included Building-Level Meetings (BLM) at most of the SJSD schools this spring.

    Information learned at the building meetings was given to a District-wide Citizen Task Force that began work in May to develop a proposal to be presented to the Board of Education in July or August.

    SJSD One Vision Task Force Updates

    There are three primary objectives for the One Vision program:

    1. It is important for parents and community members to understand the progress the District has made over the last few years despite very challenging and, in some cases, tumultuous times.
    2. Parents and community members must get a good idea the financial challenges facing the District in the future.
    3. It is imperative that the District hear from parents and community members. We need to hear their expectations of the District and our schools in the future. That feedback and input will determine recommendations that will be made to the Board of Education later this summer.

    In addition to the building-level meetings, the District also scheduled a series of town hall meetings and school finance informational sessions.


    Questions about One Vision? Reach out to the communications office at 816-671-4000.