• Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: What are the official school hours?
    Q: What are the procedures for dropping students off in the morning?
    Students that are eating breakfast at school may come as early as 8:05 and enter through the cafeteria doors. Students not eating breakfast may also arrive beginning at 8:05 and enter through the front doors. Students may be dropped off along Schoolside Lane or Deer Park Drive.  Please keep in mind that the parking lot along Deer Park Drive is also our bus loop, so cars may not park in the lot except for in a parking space.  Cars should not park along Schoolside Lane so as to provide maximum safety for our children.
    Q: What are the procedures for dismissal?
    Bus riders are held in classrooms with teacher supervision until their buses are called as loading.  Walkers and car riders will come outside of the school to the playground at 3:30 (Kindergarten will come out at 3:25).  Parents are requested to wait until the entire class has come to the playground and lined up there before taking their child from the line. As soon as students line up with the supervising teacher, they will raise their hand when they see their parent. The teacher will make visual contact with the parent before releasing the child. Please be patient with us at dismissal, as we have created these procedures to maximize student safety.
    Q: When is breakfast and how much does it cost?
    Breakfast happens before school between the time of 8:05-8:20.  The full price for a student breakfast is $1.25. For families that qualify for reduced lunch prices, the cost is $0.30 for breakfast.  An adult breakfast costs $2.00.
    Q: What should I do if my child's bus is running late?
    The St. Joseph School District contracts with Apple Bus to provide student transportation.  The fastest way to find out about bus location and status on a bus route is to call Apple Bus directly.  The phone number at Apple Bus is 273-0041. 
    Q: What is the Roadrunner Store?
    The Roadrunner Store is located within our cafeteria and is open on Friday mornings during breakfast, from 8:05-8:20.  Students may bring money from home to buy school supplies at the store. The store offers many scented supplies such as pens and pencils, erasers and bookmarks.  Students are made aware of what will be for sale each week on the morning announcements. Prices of items at the store range from 25 cents to one dollar. A majority of the items at the store cost 25 to 50 cents. 
    Q: How can I find out how much money my child has in his/her lunch account?
    You can create an account on our lunch deposit system, called MyPayments Plus. You will need your child's student ID number, which you can get by contacting our secretary, Jessica Corcimiglia, at the office at 671-4370.  The link to the online lunch account system is located here:
    Q: How can I get access to my child's grades online?
    This service is available for students in grades 2-6. 

    To set up your account with the parent portal of PowerSchool, you will need to come to the school office and talk with Jessica Corcimiglia. She must take a copy of a photo ID. After she has a copy of your ID, she will give you a packet with the instructions and login/password information you will need to access your child's grades online.  You may also use the PowerSchool app on your smartphone, which is a free app in both the Apple and Android app stores.  
    Q: What are the procedures for notifying school that my child is sick?
    Please call our office at 671-4370 in the morning to let us know that your child is sick. Phones are answered in the office beginning at 8:00. Around 10:00, an automated call is sent out to any families that have children marked absent to remind them that we have not been notified of the absence. 
    Q: What are the procedures for getting homework when my child is sick?
    If you would like to pick up homework the same day that your child is absent, you can let us know when you call in that your child is sick. We will let the teacher know to send homework up to the office. You can pick it up after 1:00 in the school office.  If you would prefer to wait until the child returns to school, the teacher will send homework home with your child when he/she returns to school.