Welcome To Edison’s  PTA

    Welcome back!  I hope each of you had a great summer and are ready to get back into the swing of school. We would love to have all of our parents become members of the Edison PTA!!  By joining our PTA your membership dues help to support your child’s school.  Although we would love for ALL of our parents to be directly involved we know that it isn’t always possible, by purchasing a membership you are indirectly supporting Edison’s PTA and your child. Show your support and purchase your membership today!!!  If you would like to be more directly involved, fill out the form in this booklet and check the events that best fit your interests and return to school with your child.

    Thanks for your support and welcome back to school!!!


    Edison PTA

    Shawnda Embrey - President

    Amber Campbell- Vice President

    Kim Dilley - Treasurer
    (816) 671-4110

    Heidi DeSchepper - Secretary 

    Sargeant at arms (Building Rep)
    Angie Hernandez