St. Joseph School District

Achieving Excellence

The St. Joseph School District Board of Education 
Martin Rucker - President
Telephone: 816-238-7692
Lori Prussman - Vice-President
Telephone: 816-262-2664
Martin Rucker
2004-2010 & 2012-2018 

      “One of my goals in life is to make a positive
      difference in my community. I’m a firm
      believer that education is a great equalizer
      in society. I believe the best way to impact
      the minds of our youth is to be a part of
      the educational process. Being on the
      St. Joseph School District Board of
      Education allows me to be a part of the 
      policy making process which impacts the
      education of our youth. It’s an honor for me
      to be a representative for our community
      on the BOE.”
Lori Prussman

     "I believe in our students, in our staff, and
     that this community has huge potential. 
     I would like to see that potential fulfilled. 
     I really do care about our kids. I want to
     make sure that they are prepared to be
     successful in their lives once they leave
     the halls of our schools. I want them to
     have every advantage that would ensure
     this success so that they can become the
     person that they are meant to be. I want to
     continue to be an advocate for our kids."
Dennis Snethen
Telephone: 816-238-1615
  Kappy Hodges
Telephone: 816-294-7369
Mr. Snethen
  Mrs. Hodges
2006-2012 & 2012-2018   2014-2020
      "I want to give back to the school system
      that opened many doors for me."

      "I was elected while my son was in high
      school, and ran for office because I believe
      that having a parent on the school board
      helps to keep the Board of Education
      focused on the immediate needs of the
      students. I plan to contin
ue providing that
      same grounding by 
staying in contact with
      current stud
ents and parents. If you have
      a problem/question, I hope you 
reach out
      to me whether you’re a parent, 
staff member
      or student. I want to hear your 
situation and
      help you and your student(s) have 
a good
      outcome. Thank you for entrusting me 
      the responsibility of your children’s
Dr. Bryan Green
Telephone: 816-261-7730 
Tami Pasley
Telephone: 816-262-4366
 Dr. Green    

      "The quality of our schools and the
opportunities within will be a
      great predictor 
of the future quality of life
      of our community. 
I love St. Joseph and
      will work to make this 
city a better place
      to call home. 
I desire for children to learn
      in an environment 
where teachers and staff
      enjoy their jobs,
where the community
      pursues and invests in 
innovative and
      exceptional personnel, facilities, 
      and curriculum.  
I strive to make our district
      a better place to 
learn, a better place to
      teach, and a place you 
trust is using your
      invested tax dollars 


 want to be a SJSD Board member
I hope to bring a voice of reason
      to the Board 
as we attempt to make right
      the financial 
wrongs of the past, and as
      we move forward 
towards an amazing
      future! Doing what is 
best for kids will
      be what drives every decision 
I make as
      a school board member. I understand the 
      importance of valuing the perspective of
      the educator in dealing with school issues.
      Trust, experience, and passion is what I
      will bring to the SJSD School Board."
 Board Secretary, Donna Baker
Board Treasurer, Wesley Metz
      Board members volunteer their time, submit
      themselves to public scrutiny, and make
      tough decisions that affect the lives of more
      than 11,000 students and 1,500 staff
      Pursuant to Missouri Statute 162.481.6
      and 162.491.4, current Board members will
      continue to serve the remainder of their
      terms until those terms expire. Beginning
      with the election in April, 2016, every year
      in which terms expire, those elected to fill
      those terms will serve for three years.