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    What is the IB Diploma Program?

    The International Baccalaureate (IB) Program is a well-respected, academically rigorous, internationally coordinated course of study for high school juniors and seniors. Today's interconnected and globalized world requires critical thinking skills and a sense of international-mindedness—both of which IB students learn and understand.
    Whether college, the military or a career lies in the future, IB courses are designed to be academically challenging to prepare students to be successful global citizens. Students learn to see the world from a variety of perspectives and develop skills that will remain with them long after high school is over. Students are provided opportunities to study subjects in-depth; increase reading, researching and writing skills; and grow as internationally-minded citizens. IB encourages student to be inquirers, thinkers, and communicators.
    The IB Program gives students a disciplined, goal-oriented outlook and a work ethic that will serve them well in the future. "IB students score significantly higher than the average score on ACT® and SAT®. In, addition they [IB students] are considered better prepared for further and higher education than many of their peers." (Source: ibo.org) Over 1,000 North American colleges recognize IB Diploma for advanced credit and/or placement.
    If you like to learn, think and debate; work with others; expand your awareness and understanding of other cultures; and discuss a diversity of ideas and perspectives, then be an IB student.

CHS IB Program Coordinator

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Shawna Gilliland

IB Coordinator
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Mrs. Gilliland is available during 7th period each school day to coordinate the IB Program, which normally falls between 1:05 PM and 2:50 PM. Contact the coordinator by phone at 816-671-4080.