Departments: Business


Portrait photo of Lisa Beavers

Lisa Beavers

Teacher/Department Chair
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Room: 112
Subject(s): *HSB Principles of Marketing (S1); *HSB Principles of Finance (S2); *International Business/Marketing; Marketing I-II; Marketing Internship I-II
Portrait photo of Catherine (Jill) Blazer

Catherine (Jill) Blazer

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Room: 113
Subject(s): *HSB Principles of Business (S1); *HSB Business Economics (S2); Career Investigations: Job Shadowing; Personal Finance; Credit Recovery
Portrait photo of Cassie Halling

Cassie Halling

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Room: 110
Subject(s): *Accounting II/Financial Management; Accounting I; Computer Programming; Introduction to Business; Web Design
Portrait photo of Melissa Richie

Melissa Richie

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Room: 104A
Subject(s): Introduction to Business; Marketing I; Marketing Internship I-II; Personal Finance
Portrait photo of Charity Strauch

Charity Strauch

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Room: 111
Subject(s): Computer Apps Tech; *HSB Principles of Management (S1); *HSB Business Strategies (S2); Personal Finance


Portrait photo of Kathron Viestenz

Kathron Viestenz

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