Ellison Elementary School

Achieving Excellence

St. Joseph School District Mission and Vision Statements


...educating each child for success



The St.Joseph School District fosters an environment

           where success is built on values for

            learning, planning, and hardwork:         

Believe!  Learn! Plan!  Achieve! 

 Ellison Elementary Mission Statement:
“Ellison School aims to provide a safe,caring learning environment in
 order to equip children with strategies for success while meeting each
child’s educational needs and guiding them to reach their fullest
potential as lifelong learners.”  
Learning Environment:
•    We will provide a clean, caring, safe, and welcoming school atmosphere.
•    We will provide a stimulating environment that encourages positive relationships with parents and students alike.
•    We will foster opportunities for involvement with parents and students.
Strategies for Success:
•    We will provide rigorous and relevant instruction to develop independent problem solvers and critical thinkers.
•    We will participate in ongoing professional development for staff to learn and improve instructional strategies.
•    We will use data to differentiate instruction to meet students’ needs and styles.
•    We will provide prescriptive tutoring for identified students.
•    We will utilize weekly job embedded times to collaborate within grade levels and data teams.
•    We will incorporate technology in all areas of the learning environment.
•    We will require homework at each grade level to connect home and school while reinforcing learning.
•    We will engage in parent communication through weekly grade level newsletters, monthly school bulletin and school blogs and websites.
Lifelong Learners:
•    We will inspire a love for learning.
•    We will demonstrate and expect manners and respect for others
•    We will encourage pride and ownership in work ethic.
•    We will instill a sense of citizenship, respect and responsibility in our students.