Language and communication are at the heart of the human experience. The United States must educate students who are linguistically and culturally equipped to communicate successfully in a pluralistic American society and abroad. This imperative envisions a future in which all students will develop and maintain proficiency in English and at least one other language, modern or classical. Children who come to school from non-English backgrounds should also have opportunities to develop further proficiencies in their first language.
    Mission: To provide students with the
    • ability to communicate in a language other than English.
    • knowledge and understanding of other cultures.
    • ability to communicate both orally and in writing.
    • confidence to use the foreign language outside of the school setting.                                                 
    Students will learn through:
    • Group/Partner work
    • Development of their listening skills
    • Differentiated activities
    • Speaking the language in the classroom
    • Selected readings
    • Increased use of technology
    Students have a wide range of abilities, backgrounds and experiences. This diversity should be valued and will enhance the learning environment by allowing multiple points of view to be considered.


  • World Language Courses Offered at Lafayette High School
    Spanish I
     Spanish II
    *Spanish III
    *Spanish IV