LHS Business Department
    Business education  is a crucial link in a student's
    educational training. In business education, instructors
    relate how the knowledge of basic skills will be used in the
    "real world" environment.
    Mission: To train and provide students with the:
    • Ability to transfer knowledge and skills learned to obtain a job or continue their education.
    • Awareness of technological changes and equipment.
    • Ability to communicate both orally and written.
    • Interpersonal skills necessary to obtain and
         keep a job (work ethic).
    • Personal financial/consumer skills
         to make wise economic choices.
    Students will learn through:
    • Social interaction
    • Making choices
    • A variety of learning styles
    • Being actively involved in the process
    • Observing others at work
    Students have a wide range of abilities, backgrounds and
    experiences. This diversity should be valued and will
    enhance the learning environment by allowing multiple
    points of view to be considered.

    Business Courses Offered

    • College 101
    • High School of Business Program
    • Introduction to Business
    • Marketing I
    • Marketing Internship
    • Personal Finance
    • School Publications
    • Sports Marketing