• Special Services Department

    K. Mccullough

    Mrs. Katie McCullough-Dept. Chair
    E-mail: katie.mccullough@sjsd.k12.mo.us
    Phone: 816-671-4030
    Room #: Special Service Department Chair, History, Study Skills

    Ed.S. in Principalship, Arkansas State University
    M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction, Baker University 
    B.S. in Elementary Education, Missouri Western State University               


    Mr. Daryl Betts

    E-mail:  Daryl.betts@sjsd.k12.mo.us

    Phone: 816-671-4030 
    Subject(s) Taught: History A, History B, W. History CWC, Personal Finance CWC, Gov't A
    Room #: A114

    B.S in Kinesiology and Physical Education from Eastern Illinois University

    Mrs. Thereasa Boldridge


    Phone: 816-671-4030
    Subject(s) Taught: Bio A, Bio B, Biology (CWC), Physics, (CWC), Physical Science
    Room #: 302

    B.S. Elementary Ed, middle school Math and Science 5-9, and Mild/mod cross-categorical K-12

    Mrs. Nancy Cornelius
    Email: nancy.cornelius@sjsd.k12.mo.us
    Subject(s) Taught: ELA B, ELA C, ELA D, ELA 10 CWC, ELA 12 CWC
    Room #: A117

    Ed.S. in Superintendency, Northwest Missouri State University

    M.A. in Education Leadership: Elementary, Northwest Missouri State University 

    B.S. in Elementary and Middle School Education, Central Missouri State University 




    Mr. Kenneth Davis

    Email: Kenneth.davis@sjsd.k12.mo.us

    Subject(s) Taught: ELA A, ELA 9 CWC, ELA 11 CWC, Study Skills, Reading Improvement

    Room #: A115



    Master of Arts- Communication and Leadership, Park University

    Bachelor of Arts- Communications, Southwest Baptist University


    Brad Hankins

    Mr. Brad Hankins
    E-mail: brad.hankins@sjsd.k12.mo.us

    Phone: 816-671-4030
    Subject(s) Taught: Alg. A, Study Skills, Daily Living, Health, Job Development
    Room #: 102

    B.S. in Physical Education & Health, Missouri Western State University
    M.S. in Secondary Education & Supervision, Northwest Missouri State University


    Mrs. Lisa Medsker
    E-mail: lisa.medsker@sjsd.k12.mo.us

    Phone: 816-671-4030
    Subject(s) Taught: Alg. A, 
    Room #: 216

    B.S. in Elementary Education, Peru State College

    A. Morlock

    Mrs. Angie Morlock
    E-mail: angie.morlock@sjsd.k12.mo.us 

    Phone: 816-671-4030
    Subject(s) Taught: Community Training and Para-Professional
    Room #: 215 

    R. Brown

    Mr. Ray Brown
    E-mail: ray.brown@sjsd.k12.mo.us

    Phone: 816-671-4030
    Subject(s) Taught: Para-Profesional in Social Studies, Math and Communication Arts



    Mrs. Sherri Ott
    E-mail: Sherri.Ott@sjsd.k12.mo.us

    Phone: 816-671-4030
    Subject(s) Taught: Para-Professional with Special Service Department
    Room #: Regular Education & Special Education Classrooms