• Fine Arts Department
    Fine Arts
     From left to right:
    Andy McEachron, Jennifer Schultz, Cheryl Stutz, Molly Ring, Savannah Ritter,
    Judy Long, Linda Estrella, Amber Welter, Jeff Siasoco
  • Course Offerings:
    Concert Band
    Jazz Band
    Marching Band
    AP Music Theory
    String Orchestra
    Competitive Dramatics
    Advanced Debate
    Theatre Arts I
    Advanced Theatre Arts
    Honors Theatre Arts
    Ceramics I
    Ceramics II
    Advanced Ceramics
    Computer Graphics I
    Computer Graphics II
    Advanced Computer Graphics
    Drawing I
    Drawing II
    Advanced Drawing
    AP Drawing Portfolio
    Foundations of Art
    Painting I
    Painting II
    Photography I
    Photography II
    Sculpture I
    Sculpture II
    AP 2D Portfolio
    AP 3D Portfolio
    Beginning Concert Choir
    Bel Canto Women's Choir
    Chamber Choir
    Advanced Concert Choir
    Men's Choir
    Women's Choir
    AP Music Theory
    Show Choir