Departments: Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) & Industrial Technology (IT)


Portrait photo of Nicole V. Davis

Nicole V. Davis

Teacher/Department Chair
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Room: 125
Subject(s): Child Development/Parenting I-II; Family Living
Portrait photo of Stephanie Haenni

Stephanie Haenni

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Room: 123
Subject(s): Family Foods & Nutrition; ProStart I-II; World Foods & Nutrition
Portrait photo of Mark Juhl

Mark Juhl

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Room: 120
Subject(s): Advanced Woodworking Technology; Woodworking Technology
Portrait photo of Joanna Lehman

Joanna Lehman

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Room: 124
Subject(s): Fashion & Fabrics I-II; Interior Design & Housing
Portrait photo of Ryan Stobaugh

Ryan Stobaugh

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Room: 118/119
Subject(s): Advanced Metal Working Technology; *PLTW Computer Integrated Manufacturing; *PLTW Digital Electronics; *PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design; *PLTW Principles of Engineering