Parent Notifications

ParentLink is the SJSD's parent alert system. The SJSD uses the system to call, text, e-mail and post to the SJSD mobile app. It is used for announcements, updates, reminders and emergency info. Parents are automatically signed up to receive notifications when they enroll their student. If you do not want to receive notifications, please contact your school's secretary to opt out.

If you are not a parent or guardian and you would like to receive notifications, please sign up here.

Here are a few questions we get frequently about the system:

Q: I received a call or e-mail but don't have a student at the school or in the district.

Answer: Contact the school that called the number. If it was a district call, call the district office at 671-4000.

Step 1: The secretary or administrator should use ParentLink to determine who their phone number or e-mail address is listed under. Then the school secretary will update that individual's information in PowerSchool.

Step 2: If it is a district-level call, you may have signed up for notifications as a community member. Please sign in here to change your information. If your student has changed schools, you may need to call the district communications office at 671-4000 to update this information.

Q: I get a phone call, but the message is blank. What causes this?

Answer: ParentLink is waiting for an answer, then silence. If you do not say anything when you answer the phone, ParentLink will eventually hang up without delivering the message. If there is background noise, such as music or wind on your phone's speaker, ParentLink may not register a silence and will eventually hang up.

Q: Which number does ParentLink call?

Answer: Automated attendance calls and daytime calls may just call one parent. This will use the “daytime phone number” listed on your salmon sheet during registration.

Emergency phone calls, such as school cancellations, and evening informational calls will attempt to reach both parents. This number will attempt to call each parent listed in PowerSchool until it gets an answer. It will call each phone number once, starting with the home phone, then calling the cell phone. Once it receives an answer, it will stop calling.

Staff: ParentLink uses the number listed in eFinance. If you have made changes to your number in your ParentLink account, it will use the number you listed there.

Community Member: If you have signed up to receive calls as a community member, ParentLink will call that number whenever a school chooses that option.

Q: Why do staff members sometimes get multiple phone calls during a district-level call?

Reason 1: ParentLink pulls numbers from PowerSchool (parents) as well as eFinance (staff). If you are a parent as well as a staff member and have different phone numbers listed, you may receive more than one call. ParentLink will not call the same number twice on the same call, but it may call someone on two different numbers.

Reason 2: “Emergency” calls such as school cancellations will call every number listed for each parent or staff member.

Reason 3: Sometimes during a emergency call, we send a different message to parents than staff, so you may be receiving two different messages from the SJSD. This may also be the case if you have a child in preschool or receive a message in Spanish.

Reason 4: You may have signed up for phone calls through the district self-sign-up tool. ParentLink will not call the same number twice on the same call, but it may call someone on two different numbers.

Reason 5: Occasionally, we may send a message to a subset of the district, then decide to send the message again to a different group. This could result in being called a second time if you are part of both groups.

Q: How do I receive text messages?

Answer: Beginning in 2018, you will be able to opt in to text messages by checking a box on the salmon registration sheet. You can change this at any time by contacting the school secretary.

You can also download our free app at Google Play or iTunes. Search for “St. Joseph School District.” Once you download the app, make sure to choose in the app which schools you would like to receive notifications from.

Q: I used to work for the district and I'm still receiving phone calls. How do I get off the list?

Answer: Sign in here and update your settings. If you still receive calls and it has been over a month, call 671-4390.

Q: I got a low lunch balance phone call, but my student should have money in his/her account.

Answer: Most of the time, this is a matter of poor timing – your payment was processed after the information was accessed for the call. Please disregard the message if a deposit was made within the last 2 days.

Q: I don't think I've been receiving calls, but I should be.

Answer: We can investigate this by looking at what calls have been made to a specific phone number or e-mail. Often times the message was delivered to an answering machine, or the parent hung up before the message finished playing. Other times, this may be an indication that student records need to be updated.

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