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Building and maintaining trust between an organization and its stakeholders requires commitment, accountability, engagement and intentionality.

Through a newly launched engagement campaign, called Building TRUST Together, the St. Joseph School District will actively work to strengthen its relationships and foster a culture of open, two-way communication with its various stakeholder groups. 

The Building TRUST Together campaign is a vehicle to create pride, build confidence and understanding about the benefits of public education to our community and to support the work that is taking place every day in classrooms across the district. 

The campaign is aligned with the district’s vision, mission and core values:

Creating a climate of achievement in partnership with an engaged community.

Preparing students for success in a complex and changing world.

Core Values:
Learning – We believe that students should be engaged in rigorous learning every day, in every classroom, where curiosity is encouraged and critical thinking is cultivated in innovative classrooms.
Community – We believe that a culture of collaboration and community is key to the success of the St. Joseph School District and that community is built in the classroom, in each school, in the district, and through meaningful partnerships and respectful relationships across our city.
Equity – We believe that our district should invest in resources that maximize the potential of all students, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, language, or income.  

Goal Four of the district’s Strategic Plan stresses the importance of continuously engaging the community in respectful, productive two-way communication. 

Communication is important in providing understandable, accurate information about the St. Joseph School District to patrons of the district, as related to events and activities, achievements and accomplishments, data and reports and other events that occur in the district. 

As a district, we will continue to reach out to our stakeholders through surveys, newsletters and social media to keep you informed of our successes and gather your input. 

Building TRUST Together 
T – Teaching and Learning - Our foundation our core business – Students engaged in rigorous learning, curiosity and critical thinking in innovative schools. 
R – Relevance - Preparing students for success in a complex and changing world and investing in ALL students regardless of race, ethnicity language or income. 
U – Unity - Spirit of collaboration and building relationships in our schoolhouses, our district and across our city.     
S – Support - Creating a climate of achievement in partnership with an engaged community.
T – Transparency - Being accountable, honest and keeping internal and external stakeholders informed through an open line of two-way communication. 

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