Fourth Quarter Shining Stars

Fourth Quarter Shining Stars
Posted on 05/25/2022
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These teachers and staff shine bright as our fourth quarter Shining Stars! Read what their nominators had to say about our winners below.



Ron Shubert Photo
Ron Shubert, Carpenter, Maintenance Department

Ron has done an AMAZING job with the Noyes renovation.  The detail to his work is unmatched.  You would never be able to tell that the classrooms renovated to offices, the gym, the closets, etc. is just unreal.  He is a perfectionist in his field.  He is so pleasant and professional.  He has worked so hard the last year getting all this done (and still working on it) that I feel he deserves more than just a "great job". Any time he has ever been asked to do something, even when he doesn't have time, he seems to fit it in. When he hasn't completed something as quickly as he may think he should have, he always checks in to let you know the status of his work. He's not afraid to give you suggestions or recommendations on requests because he knows his stuff! He has been a pleasure having around the building. He likes to crack a joke here and there and is very welcoming to anyone around. We are very fortunate to have someone so talented in his area on staff here at SJSD.

Tori Z Photo
Tori Zieger, Social Studies Teacher, Virtual Academy
During the past two years, Tori has spent a multitude of hours creating assignments and courses for use at the Virtual Academy. She has spent many days and hours after school to create presentations and PD for the staff to improve our instruction and ability to reach students in diverse methods. This could be noticed with Tori normally being the last teacher to leave at the end of the day, well after the end of the day. Not only has Ms. Zieger offered support to students; she has been an incredible source of support as we have navigated Canvas and expanded our craft! Victoria has been a loyal employee of SJSD for several years.  I believe she is very deserving of consideration for the SJSD Shining Star award.  Her dedication to student success is one of her best attributes.  Victoria will do whatever it takes for her students to succeed.   She's truly a teacher who cares about her students.  Victoria goes above and beyond with her colleagues.  She's always willing to help others.  I believe Victoria is a great candidate for the Shining Star award.  She's an asset to this district.

Jennifer M Photo
Jennifer McMillian, 1st Grade Teacher, Pickett Elementary

Jennifer McMillian is a true asset to the Saint Joseph School District.  She is the most patient teacher I have ever met. In the four years I was across the hall from her, I never heard her raise her voice at a student. She was always on top of her work, getting everything done days before the deadline and she is very thorough. Jennifer comes to work early each day to make sure her room is ready and feels welcoming.  She greets each student as they enter and exit her room with high fives, hugs and kind words. Jennifer has a huge heart for the kiddos at Pickett.  When they leave her classroom, they forever know that she will be there for them.  This year one of her former students needed help and when asked who should be contacted, he said, “Mrs. McMillian.”  The student is now in 6th grade and has never forgotten that she had told him back in first grade that if he ever needed anything to let her know. I aspire to be as generous, kind, and caring as Mrs. McMillian.

Bob Nash Photo
Robert Nash, Curriculum Advisor, Virtual Academy

Bob goes above and beyond his title of curriculum coordinator. He is the Canvas and MOCAP expert in the building. He takes care of all the teachers needs at VA. Bob is the go-to person for anything with staff and students in the VA. He responds after hours when teachers have questions or concerns with families. He checks in to see what we need or how he can help. Bob has taken over as MAP test coordinator for all VA students and provided teachers with supplies needed for testing. Bob provides the staff at VA with relevant PD to make sure we are up to date with technology for our students. We LOVE Bob! ❤️

Joyce Stohr Photo
Joyce Stohr, Science Teacher, Robidoux Middle
Ms. Stohr is simply incredible. Not only does she work tirelessly to provide the very best for her students, but she truly has a way of connecting with kids that are often overlooked. She makes it a point to make sure that each of her students feels like they have a place to belong. She is an amazing educator who truly deserves this award. Ms. Stohr is a vital part of our Robidoux family.  She is an amazing teacher, colleague, and friend.  Joyce makes everyone feel welcome in her classroom.  She has a unique gift of noticing when a student or staff member is having a difficult day.  She takes time to listen, offers suggestions, and helps make your day a little brighter.  Ms. Stohr is the definition of a TEACHER. Talented, Energetic, Analytical, Compassionate, Helpful, Experienced, and Resourceful (TEACHER). I have taught eight years with her, and she truly is a role model for both the students and her peers. She is an amazing educator who has high standards for students. She has adapted and grown as an educator and is definitely the Rocky Balboa of teaching - she just keeps coming back for one more round! We are lucky to have Ms. Stohr at RMS one more year this year.

Rachel Cox Photo
Rachel Cox, Full-time Substitute, Carden Park Elementary

Rachel has been an incredible asset to our staff and students at Carden Park. While her job title may be "full time sub" she willingly fulfills any task that is put in front of her. Last school year, we lost our FIC. That job has mostly gone unfilled for well over a year. Rachel has used her creativity to help Carden Park put together a school-wide incentive room. She takes time to help distribute back-pack buddies when her time allows. She has gone above and beyond to make cupcakes for the whole staff. I love how she is constantly asking people what they need help with. In addition to each task outside of her job description, Rachel has put in a tremendous amount of time building relationships with staff and students. I could give you countless examples of how she cares for our students. (But the best example I could give you is the fact that Rachel carries a ziplock bag to school that has a hairbrush and detangler for one of our students. She brushes this child's hair and prepares her for the day since that does not take place at home.) I am moved by her positivity and willingness to serve where needed.

Kristel Snodgrass Photo
Kristel Snodgrass, Intensive Classroom Teacher, Pershing Elementary

Kristel has a very challenging role working with some of our most behaviorally challenged students in the district. She contacts parents almost daily and sometimes 4-5 times in a day.  She has some hard conversations and tries to be a support between home/school to get students the resources they need to be successful.  She also works closely with her team of two paras. The trust, commitment, and leadership she has developed is very evident within her classroom.  The classroom culture shows that these students not only have two students, but three adults that love them, care about them, and will cheer them on for the smallest successes. I wish I could nominate all three of these ladies because the room would not be what it is without all of them!  As if managing the behaviors isn't enough, she then ensures that academically, the students are on target with their grade level (or if behind, pulls in intervention resources). With this program not continuing next year, Kristel is going to be moving to another building.  I am greatly going to miss her!  She truly is a rock star teacher, and we were so lucky to have in our building and within this program!

Donna Stegall Photo
Donna Stegall, Accounting Clerk, Business Office

Donna has been a TREMENDOUS help at Robidoux Middle School! We had a rough start with having to replace 2 secretaries and then hired staff not staying. Donna has worked with all of our staff members to ensure that their needs and questions are met in a timely manner. She has come to school to provide one-on-one mentoring and auditing of the work that was being completed. On top of the business side, Donna always has a smile and welcoming demeanor that makes you feel comfortable. I know she is always a phone call away and always willing to help when needed. She is a rock star! Donna supported both Bode and Robidoux Middle Schools with Bookkeeping, Administrative Assistant tasks during 2021-2022 while the schools were looking for replacements several times this academic year! One of her favorite expressions to support staff is that there are always solutions to problems.  We will work this out together! Donna is our spirited fashionista and wears many Business hats at the Business Office and for the SJSD School District. Donna is a gem - efficient, patient, and kind. She is an asset and deserves the recognition!

Honorable Mentions:
The Communications Department receives so many wonderful nominations each year and unfortunately we can't choose everyone. We wanted to include a list of honorable mentions because we know each and every one of you deserves recognition and it's always nice to know someone acknowledged your hard work and submitted a nomination for you.

Adrienne Chleborad, Alex Caselman, Amy Baber, Amy Weiser, Andrea Drechsel, Andrea Drechsel, Andrea Frederick, Andrea Miljavac, Anita Combs, Ashley Sipes, Tammy Wheeler, Glen Cook, Beronica Carrigan, Ashley Bomberger, Brandon Snider, Brenda Smith, Candy Lickhart, Carla Johnson, Christi Shaffer, CHS Kitchen Staff, Cindy Faucett, Dana Menard, Darryl Bond, Debbie Cotter, Delaney Yuckovich, Lara Gilpin, Emily Ebling, Eric Simmons, Felicia Allee, Gail Adkins, Georgia Wisler, Gunner O'Meara, Mark Huff, Jacob Phillips , Jacqueline Love, Jamie Barnard, Jamie Harris, Jennifer Smith, Jessica Corcimiglia, John Davison, John Morris, Julie Zirfas, Karen Franklin, Krista Hamm, Kristy Safley, Landi Quinlin, Leslie Lotspiech, Linda Peters, Lori A Garza, Lucy Mize, Madison Michalski, Margaret Lawrence, Marta Sansone, Megan Carroll, Melissa Mumper, Angela Klaassen , Micah Green, Michelle Shepard, Miranda Ham, Monique Hooks, Mrs. Angie Morlock, Natalie Arnold, Rachael Rich, Rebecca Bishop, Rebecca Carter, Regan Atkins, Robin Crawford, Roxann Schmerbach, Sara Nicholson, Steve Wiseman, Susan Harp, Susan Williams, Susan Wilson, Tamara Smith Hinchey, Laurie Hall, Andrea Frederick, Morgan Shipman, Tammi Parrott, Taylor Duree, Taylor Kirschner, Taylor Moss, Tessa Miller, Toni Lynn Gardner, and Tonya Bell

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