Tiered Support

Our MTSS framework is informed by the SJSD Foundational Practices and has three domains of tiered intervention and support: Academic, College & Career, and Social-Emotional. An overview of interventions and supports is provided below.


Tier 1 Components:

Academic Support - Adherence to core curriculum and delivery of instruction through differentiated methods

College & Career - TBA

Social-Emotional - Classroom and School Wide Behavior Support System, Classroom management, School wide positive climate

Tier 1 Checklist:

Classroom Management Tools:

  • Classroom Management Self-Assessment - Completed by Classroom Teacher, used to help identify strengths and weaknesses within your classroom management, in order to help a teacher make professional growth.
  • Classroom Walk-Through and Brief Observation - Completed by Administrator or designated staff member, used to help give constructive feedback on a teachers classroom management strategies.
  • Becoming a Superhero In Your Classroom - manual of resources, great resource for classroom management, behavior management, simple strategies to use with all kids to gain more success.

Classroom Management:

DCI Training Modules


Lesson 2: ETLP 1: Expectations and Rules
Lesson 3: ETLP 2: Clarifying Expected Behavior Procedures and Routines
Lesson 4: ETLP 3: Encouraging Expected Behavior in the Classroom
Lesson 5: ETLP 4: Discouraging Unexpected Behavior in the Classroom
Lesson 6: ETLP 5: Active Supervision in the Classroom
Lesson 7: ETLP 6: Opportunities to Respond
Lesson 8: ETLP 7: Activity Sequencing and Choice
Lesson 9: ETLP 8: Adjusting Task Difficulty
Lesson 10: On-going Monitoring


Tier 2 Components:

Academic Support - Small group interventions, Group tutoring, Title 1, An evidence-based intervention used for multiple students

College & Career - TBA

Social-Emotional - Social Skills groups, Group Counseling, Group behavioral interventions, Target attendance groups, An evidence-based intervention used for multiple students

Collaborative Problem Solving Assessment & Planning Tool


Tier 2 Checklist:

Tier 2: Group Referrals for Academic, Behavior, & Attendance Concerns

Tier 2 students can be grouped by missing skills, in order to attempt a selected intervention for a group of students that all struggle with the same missing skill. The following optional forms for specific missing skills can be found below:

Academic Concerns:

  • Group Referral for Math Concerns
  • Group Referral for Reading Concerns

Behavior Concerns:

  • Group Referral-Disruptive Behavior
  • Group Referral-Defiant Behavior

Attendance Concerns:

  • Group Referral for Attendance Concerns


Tier 3 Components:

Academic Supports - Individualized interventions

College & Career - TBA

Social-Emotional - Functional Data, Student Support Plans, Individualized interventions

Tier 3 Checklist:


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