Past Winners

Student of the Week Sienna T

Sienna T., 6th Grader at Pickett Elementary School
3/2/2020 - 3/6/2020 Student of the Week

Sienna was nominated for her work ethic, pure kindness, and unwavering positive attitude.

"She is extremely well read, and loves to share her passion for reading, not just with me, but with her peers and other students as well. She even recently created a petition for more library time for creative reading and asked students of all ages to sign," said Grable.

Jesiah P

Jesiah P., 7th grader at Robidoux Middle School
2/24/2020 - 2/28/2020 Student of the Week

Jesiah was nominated by his teacher, Jessica Cornelius, for setting a good example, making positive choices, and working hard.

"Jesiah goes above and beyond to try to set a good example for other students in the building. He knows he, like us all, is not perfect, but he is always the first to take ownership for his actions and encourages others to do the same around him… His desire to use his gifts for good are truly admirable and show maturity beyond his years. In the last 6 months I have had the honor of witnessing him take on and encompass the role of a leader and a mentor," said Cornelius.

Kiley M Student of the Week

Kiley M., 5th Grader at Lindbergh Elementary School
2/17/2020 - 2/21/2020 Student of the Week

Kiley was nominated for her hard work, initiative, and creativity.

"She works hard at school every day. She completes all her assignments, including homework to the best of her ability… In addition, she is the student body president, which means she has the added responsibility of doing the daily announcements every morning at school, along with the vice president and secretary. She has gone above and beyond to come up with ways for the student body to earn money to do new and creative things with the students," said Minson.

Iang R Student of the Week

Iang R., Kindergartner at Mark Twain Elementary School
2/2/2020 - 2/7/2020 Student of the Week

Iang was nominated for her hard work, dedication, character and consistency.

"Iang not only does great academically, but in modeling good character and kindness. She is a great endorser of our Eagle Expectations and reminding others what to do in certain situations. Iang will look to help others throughout our school, including staff members. There is never a task that is too big or too small for her, and she does everything with a smile," said Siehndel.

Jaden A - Student of the Week

Jaden A., 7th grader at Bode Middle School
1/27/2020 - 1/31/2020 Student of the Week

Jaden was nominated for her kindness, thoughtfulness, and compassion.

"Jaden is always focused in class. She asks and answers questions, she contributes to discussions, and she shows enthusiasm for learning. She also comes to school early two mornings a week to participate in an extra-curricular morning choir. She is a model student, and an excellent example to her classmates," said Stammers

Taniya Jackson Student of the Week Photo

Taniya J., Kindergartener at Bessie Ellison Elementary School
1/13/2020 - 1/17/2020 Student of the Week

Taniya was nominated for being inclusive of all classmates and for her kindness and compassion.

"Taniya deserves to be the student of the week because she is a great example of why inclusive classrooms are so important. Her kindness and compassion is an amazing example in the school community," said Nanneman

Aidin Webb

Aidin W., 10th grader at Webster Learning Center
1/6/2020 - 1/10/2020 Student of the Week

Aidin was nominated by his teacher, Angie Klaassen, for working hard and demonstrating good behavior.

"Aidin has been a responsible student by demonstrating skills for success. He set a goal to have positive interactions with staff and students and has met that goal," said Klaassen

Kyber Student of the Week

Kyber T., 2nd Grader at Hyde Elementary School
12/16/2019 - 12/20/2019 Student of the Week

Kyber was nominated by his teacher, Sandy Makos, for his positivity, leadership, and kindness.

"Kyber is a second grader who goes above and beyond sharing kindness each and every day. He is respectful, compassionate, humble, and makes everyone feel good about themselves," said Makos

Ashlyn S., Student of the Week

Ashlyn S., 8th Grader at Spring Garden Middle School
12/09/2019 - 12/13/2019 Student of the Week

Ashlyn was nominated by her teacher, Rita Hubbard, for always being positive, helpful, and a great role model.

"Ashlyn is a model student and positive person in our building. She is involved in our school as well as many activities outside of school. She is always willing to give a helping hand and you never see her without a smile on her face. She is one of the reasons I love coming to school each day," said Hubbard

Ariel Student of the Week

Ariel D., 1st Grader at Carden Park Elementary School
12/02/2019 - 12/06/2019 Student of the Week

Ariel was was nominated by her teacher, Becky Carter, for always being helpful and responsible.

"Ariel is so helpful to everyone in our class. She is the first to help a student who is struggling and first to help with anything the teacher needs. Ariel is in charge of the walkie for bus duty and recess and always makes sure it gets to where it needs to be," said Carter

Maggie C Student of the Week

Maggie C., Senior at Benton High School
11/18/2019 - 11/22/2019 Student of the Week

Maggie was was nominated by her teacher, Jason Lenz, for her kindness, positivity, and commitment to academic excellence.

"Maggie is an example of kindness & positivity at Benton High School everyday. She's always willing to help others. Maggie is polite to her teachers and peers. She arrives ready to work and always follows directions without question," said Lenz

Nathan B Student of the Week

Nathan B., 5th Grader at Oak Grove Elementary School
11/11/2019 - 11/15/2019 Student of the Week

Nathan was nominated by his teacher, Angela Claywell, for always making the right choices, being respectful, and for his excitement to learn.

"Nathan is a wonderful person inside and out. He can be counted on to always make the right choices and show others how they should be behaving personally and academically," said Claywell

Kierra W Student of the Week

Kierra W., 5th Grader at Edison Elementary School
10/21/2019 - 10/25/2019 Student of the Week

Kierra was was nominated by her teacher, Amanda Harris, for always showing integrity, being innovative, and coming to school ready to learn.

"Kierra is a model student! She is kind to each student, and has went above and beyond for bullying preventing measures. I can always count on her to be kind to everyone and demonstrate strong integrity in the classroom," said Harris

Jori W Student of the Week

Jori W., Senior at Lafayette High School
10/7/2019 - 10/11/2019 Student of the Week

Jori was was nominated by her teacher, Tarla Leeson, for her tenacity, kindness, and hard work.

"She is an amazing young lady and it would be wonderful to see that kindness, hard work, and doing the right thing, even if it isn't popular, does get recognized by others around you," said Leeson.

Riley R Student of the Week

Riley R., 5th Grader at Hosea Elementary School
09/30/2019 - 10/04/2019 Student of the Week

Riley was nominated by his teacher, Leticia Gerling, for his determination, positivity, and kindness.

"Riley treats every single person with kindness. He is soft spoken and polite, helps when needed, steps up before being asked, and is always there with a smile and a joke when someone is down," said Gerling.

Reagan H Student of the Week

Reagan H., Sophomore at Central High School
09/16/2019 - 09/20/2019 Student of the Week

Reagan Hanway was nominated by a teacher who monitors the cafeteria, Corinne Russell, to receive the Student of the Week Award for her kindness toward cafeteria staff.

"Every day, with no exception, she always has a kind word for the cafeteria staff. She chats with the lunch personnel, asks about their day, compliments them on something and always has a smile and kind word to all. She truly values the work that lunch staff puts into providing meal to students," said Russell.

Josh B Student of the Week

Josh B., Senior at Hillyard Technical School
09/09/2019 - 09/13/2019 Student of the Week

Josh was nominated by Clara Liles, the Apprentice Program Counselor, for being a model participant in the Apprentice Program.

"Josh was a first year apprentice last year and has been a model for the program. He maintained 100% attendance at school and with his employer. He has maintained an A average and been a leader in his Precision Machining class. He is now working 32 hours a week for I & M as a Machinist in the NWMO Regional Apprenticeship Program as well as completing his graduation requirements," said Liles.

Piper J Student of the Week

Piper J., 5th Grader at Skaith Elementary School
09/02/2019 - 09/06/2019 Student of the Week

Piper was nominated by her teacher, Brooke Kissel, for her academic performance, compassion, and helpfulness.

"Piper has one of the biggest hearts I have encountered. She shows empathy, caring, and compassion to all students at our school. I often had her help with younger students because she was such a great example to them. She inspires others around her to give it all they have and to be a good friend to others, even if they are not being a good friend back," said Kissel.

Jack W Student of the Week

Jack W., Sophomore at Lafayette High School
08/26/2019 - 08/30/2019 Student of the Week

Jack was nominated by his teacher, Brooke Rich, for his academic performance, school spirit, and positive attitude.

"Jack is always smiling. I know that the moment he walks into my class that it is going to be a good day because he just brings such a kind and positive energy with him. I have witnessed him holding the door open for other students just so he can smile at them and say hi to them," said Rich.

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