• Warehouse Process & Procedures

    Cafeteria/Activity Deposits, Print Shop Materials, Inner School Mail, & Small Packages are delivered daily without prior request. This is done by the delivery van. Our mail route stops daily at each school to exchange mail bags & pickup deposits.                  

    • Please be sure to place all mail in the mail bag & have deposits prepared for your designated pickup time. If the mail will not fit into the mail bag, please label it appropriately and place it with the mail bag. If the shipment can not be placed in the mail bag location, or it is more than 1 box (weighing no more than 25lbs.), a delivery/pick up request via Maintenance Direct is required.
    • A signature by the building principal or designee is required before deposit bags will be accepted by delivery personnel. The time, date, # of bags & serial # of each bag is also required.
    • Delivery/Pickup schedules do NOT run on Snow Days
    • Summer/Early Out schedules will be abbreviated due to schools closing and available delivery staff.   
    • Please contact Jeremy Reynolds with any related questions.    

    Paper Towels & Toilet Paper

    Requests submitted through email by the building engineer are delivered via “Hillyard Chemical”. Deliveries will occur 1-2 days after order has been placed.

    Requesting new/used furniture

    Requests must be placed by principal to ensure quick & accurate delivery of available furniture.       

    • Please contact Sherry Sharp with any related questions.