• Warehouse Distribution Systems

    School Dude (Inventory Direct, Maintenance Direct)

    Inventory Direct – Used for monitoring & tracking of all consumable supplies stocked at the Pear Street Warehouse. Requests are placed by either the secretary or designee through Inventory Direct, via the internet. These supplies are delivered to each SJSD building via “Commodity Trucks”, every Monday. Supplies that work through this system are as follows: Nursing supplies, Custodial supplies, Office supplies, and other small item requests. The Inventory program is monitored and managed by Warehouse personnel. 

    • Requests must be placed by Wednesday to allow sufficient time to approve, fill & distribute supplies on Monday.
    • Please contact Sherry Sharp with any related questions.

    Maintenance Direct – Used for the delivery & pickup of chairs/tables & other similar bulk item requests. Building principals or a designated representative place requests through Maintenance Direct via Internet.  Requests are delivered via “Commodity Trucks” to each SJSD building, weekly. Supplies that work through this system are as follows: Tables, Chairs, Risers, Choral Platforms, Technology Equipment and other similar bulk items. Requests are processed and completed by Warehouse personnel.

    • Requests for temporary use of tables/chairs/risers & choral platforms must include the date of delivery & preferred date of pick up.
    • Requests must be placed one month in advance to avoid scheduling problems, due to limited quantity of requested items.
    • Please contact Jim Howard with any related questions

    Textbook Tracker
    Books and curriculum are received, distributed & kept in inventory using the database,”Textbook Tracker”. This process is monitored by warehouse personnel.

    • Please contact Jeremy Reynolds with any related questions.