Welcome to the St. Joseph School District Foundation, Inc.


    Established in 1984
    A 501(c), not-for-profit organization
    Governed by a volunteer board of directors

    Our Mission: To provide support for the St. Joseph School District, its faculty and students, and to promote, sponsor, and carry-out educational, scientific, technological and related activities and objectives.

    The St. Joseph School District Foundation offers:

    • Robaska Scholarships for teachers pursuing graduate degrees
    • Lori Schmitter Scholarship for Early Childhood Educators
    • Sarilee Optican Memorial Scholarships for Math and Science Teachers
    • Bender's Home Care Teacher of the Year Award
    • Hy-Vee Support Person of the Year Award
    • Meierhoffer Innovator of the Year Award
    • American Family Insurance Volunteer of the Year Award
    • Teacher and Support Person of the Year Awards/ All Finalists
    • Academic Competition Funding
    • Ruby Wells Memorial Field Trip Grants (Title I)
    • Nine Student Scholarships
    • Halverson Memorial JROTC Award
    Contact: Lori Zillner
    Fax (816)671-4470