• Mathematics  Department
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     Back Row:  Gary Belcher, Wes Sanger & Steve Wiseman;  Front Row: Brad Hankins, Tanya Griffin,Megan Amend, & Lisa Medsker; 
  • Course Offerings:
    Pre Algebra
    College Transitional Math
    Math Analysis
    Algebra I
    Algebra II
    DC College Algebra
    DC Trigonometry
    AP/DC Calculus
    Finite Math
    Department Attendance/Grading Policy:
    Students will have assignments for their math courses where classroom attendance is required for completion. Examples of these assignments include bellringers, quizzes, projects, etc. These assignments can only be made up if the absence was excused. Students will have the opportunity to make up these assignments within a reasonable time period if the absence was excused. Check the class syllabus for specific late work policies.