• English Language Arts Department

  • Course Offerings

    • Communication Arts 9
    • Honors Communication Arts 9
    • Communication Arts 10
    • Honors Communication Arts 10
    • Communication Arts 11
    • AP/Honors Communication Arts 11
    • Communication Arts 12
    • AP/Honors Communication Arts 12
    • Creative Writing
    • Journalism I
    • Journalism II
    • Journalism III
    • Media Literacy
    • School Publications
    • DC World Literature/English
  • Department Faculty

    • Todd Beaulieu
    • Barbara Bell
    • Nancy Jo Cornelius
    • Stephanie Crowley
    • Kari Crouse
    • Kenneth Davis
    • Stephanie Hartley
    • Lynn Laipple
  • Participation Points Policy
    Students will be given a daily grade of 5 points for every day that they are present and on-task during Reading Workshop. The student must be at school in order to receive these points. If a student is in attendance but not on-task during reading time, they will not be awarded the points. These points can not be made up. You are either here and on-task or you are not.

    Make-Up Work Due to Absence
    Students have one day to make up missed assignments for each day absent. Students are responsible to find out what class assignments or homework assignments they missed and then complete the work. When absences are anticipated, the student is to contact his/her teacher(s) to determine what assignments are to be completed during the absence. It is the student’s responsibility to check with his/her teacher(s) as to work missed during the absence and the procedure to follow.