• Collaboration and Communication

    Communicating and collaborating requires students construct learning by finding answers to their own questions.  Students discover and gain new understandings by being part of a group or team and by contributing to local and international project teams to produce original work or solve problems.


         Inquire, question, and think critically to find answers to questions using a variety of social media

         Interact, collaborate, and publish with peers, experts, or others within and beyond the immediate school community

         Present ideas effectively to multiple audiences, online and in person, that are ethical and informational

         Build relationships and effective teams to pose and solve problems

         Resolve conflicts by learning to share disagreements and new ways of thinking in ways that positively impact the work

         Demonstrate Network Literacy by managing, analyzing, and synthesizing multiple streams of simultaneous information and creating, critiquing, and analyzing multimedia texts


    (Information above was inspired by Punya Mishra at Michigan State University and Scholastic Expert 21.)