• PBIS stands for "Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports." PBIS is a three tiered intervention system to assist students with learning the expectations of behavior for our school. The three expectations for the Webster Learning Center are:
    Be Safe 
    Be Respectful
    Be Responsible
    TIER 1: 
    Social Skills lessons are taught daily at our school using a matrix of the four expectations. The matrix breaks the expectations down to what the behaviors look like in different areas of the building (ie: cafeteria, classroom, hallway).
    Once the skills are taught, students are rewarded with "Applause Paws" for exhibiting the appropriate behaviors. Applause Paws are coupons students can save and then cash in for fun rewards such as being able to sit in the principal's chair for a day or buy a piece of gum. Entire classes can be rewarded by staff if they are seen exhibiting proper behavior. The class can save coupons and earn rewards such as a pizza party.   
    TIER 2:
    Tier 2 interventions are meant for those students who may need additional help in meeting the requirements of the school matrix. Our building is just beginning the work for our tier 2 interventions. These will include:
    Check In / Check Out: Students who have 5 or more office referrals will be placed on a system of check in / check out. These students will be assigned a staff "coach." When students enter school in the morning, they will meet with their coach and fill out a check in / check out sheet. On the sheet, the student will record a behavior goal for the day and discuss how that goal assists them in meeting the expectations on the matrix.
    The student will then carry their sheet with them throughout the day and their teacher(s) will rate their success each hour. The student then reports to their coach again at the close of the day to discuss their progress with their behavioral goal. 

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