• Family and Consumer Sciences
    Tracy Allen 
    Grading Policy:
    All assignments should be turned in by their due date to receive full credit.  The assignment will be docked by 20% if it is late.  More than 2 days late and a zero will be recorded in the grade book for that assignment.
    It is vital that students attend all classes since this is a training ground for the work force.  If a student misses more than 5 class periods (for any reason) there will be an automatic 10% reduction in semester grade.  A student will be allowed to make up no more than 2 labs due to absences  with an automatic 10% reduction of the lab scores. 

    Course Offerings:
    Child Development and Parenting I
    Child Development and Parenting II
    Contemporary Living
    Family Foods and Nutrition
    World Foods and Nutrition
    Fashion and Fabrics I
    Fashion and Fabrics II
    Interior Design & Housing
    ProStart I/II