Red Checkmark Annual Average Increase in Materials, Supplies, Utilities and Services

    This accounts for approximately $530,430 each year for the next five years.

    Open Box  Scheduled Preventative Maintenance for Buildings and Equipment
    This item ranges from $1,100,000 in year 1 to $250,000 in year 3. Projects are underway.

    Open Box  Previously Deferred Maintenance for Buildings and Equipment
    This chart outlines the projects included in the St. Joseph School District's Capital Improvements Program (CIP) and the current status of each project. The items on the list were approved by the Board of Education during the meeting on February 25, 2019 pending the passage of the levy. 
    A complete overview of the projects outlined in the document above is available in this presentation. Chris Silcott, SJSD Director of Operations, shared this information with the Board of Education on February 25, 2019.

    Electrical panel - BEFORE   Electrical Panel - AFTER   Webster roof work

    The images above include before and after photos of eletrical panels. The district has been able to replace approximately 20 antiquated eletrical panels since the passage of the levy. The image on the right shows work that took place at Webster during the summer to repair the roof and chimney. See more photos below.