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  • Health Services

    Northwest Missouri AHEC-

    This program is designed for students that are interested in healthcare careers.  Monthly workshops are offered to highlight a different health career.  Professionals from these areas come and speak about what they do on a daily basis, their education they received, and do some hands on activities related to that particular career with the students.  These workshops are open to any high school or undergraduate student and there is no cost to attend.  Most of the workshops will take place at Mosaic Life Care in St. Joseph. 

    Date Topic

    Wed. 9/25/2019 Physical/Occupational/Speech/Respiratory Therapies

    10/28/2019 Primary Care/Physician Assistant/Pharmacy

    11/25/2019 Careers in Nursing

    12/27/2019 1p-4p Anesthesia/CRNA/Surgery/Suturing

    1/27/2020 Dental Careers

    2/24/2020 Optometry/Cow Eye Dissection

    3/30/2020 Plastic Surgery/Skin Cancer

    4/27/2020 Radiography/Sonography

    Job Shadowing Information can be found at: