•                                                           Third-Party Comments


    This notice is to inform students, faculty, patients, and other interested parties of their rights to submit comments to CODA regarding NCMC/HTC Dental Hygiene Program adherence to accreditation standards. Signed or unsigned comments will be accepted, names and/or signatures will be removed from comments prior to forwarding to the program, and comments must pertain only to the standards. CODA is interested in the sustained qualify and continued improvement of dental and dental related education programs, but does not intervene on behalf of individuals or act as a court of appeal for individuals in matters of admission, appointment, promotion, or dismissal of faculty, staff, or students.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


    Third-Party comments should be submitted to CODA at:

    211 East Chicago Avenue

    Chicago, IL 60633-2678

    (800) 621-8099, ext 4653