ESOL Videos

    Vocabulary: Bricks and Mortar
    Dr. Cynthia Lundren discusses the concept of "bricks and mortar" when thinking about effective vocabulary instruction for ELLs. 


    English Language Learners: Culture, Equity and Language
    Approximately 5.3 million public school students are English language learners. The National Education Association is leading the profession in preparing educators of English learners to meet the educational, cultural and linguistic needs of their students. Every year, experienced teachers, volunteer to lead professional development programs for their peers across the nation.

    English Language Learners: Supporting English Language Learners in the Preschool Classroom
    Although many preschool classrooms now include children whose first language is not English, teachers may find it challenging to effectively support young children with limited English skills. In e-clip #8, Dr. Ann Anderberg stresses the importance of continuing to support first language development in children, and gives suggestions for assisting these young learners in their acquisition of English. When teachers and parents engage in practices that support oral language development, children can develop strong language skills in both their first and second languages.

    Five Keys to Rigorous Project Based Learning 

    How to Support English Learners so they Understand What you are Teaching
    Teachers need to use a variety of techniques to make instruction understandable.