• Why did you come to the United States?

    Our Student Stories

    Everyday people move! 

    Sometimes it's just across town but for our English Language Learners, it is to a new country, to a language that they do not know.

    Earlier this year, young students from the alternative program located in the front of Webster Learning Center, took the time to sit down and learn about what some of our adult students went through in order to come to the United States and eventually to St. Joseph, Missouri.  The young students took what they learned and wrote stories about the adult student that they interviewed.  We are so proud of what they did that we want to share with not only the people that walk through our hall but with you!

    Please click on the pictures to read each story!

    Abd's Story      Ana's Story      Bridget's Story

    Ehlohbo's Story      Khuan's Story      Rosa's Story

    Samuel's Story