• Retirement Notification

    Are you planning to retire at the end of the 2019-2020 school year?  If so, complete the below form by November 26, 2019 and send to Human Resources.

    Retirement Notification Form 

    If you need to contact PSRS/PEERS, go to https://www.psrs-peers.org/ or
    call 800-392-6848.

    The Board of Education policy related to this is GCPCC Professional Staff Retirement Incentive Plan. Changes approved during the October 28, 2019 Board meeting are not yet reflected in the policy that is posted. Please refer to the attachment that was shared in an all-staff email for the updated language, or view the information below.

    Early Notification of Retirement

    The district may offer an early notification of retirement incentive of $1,000 to employees who have served in a certificated  position in the district for a minimum of six years directly preceding the notice of retirement. Notice is defined as a signed letter of resignation received in Human Resource Services by 4:30 on the last student contact day of November of intent to file for Public School Retirement System (PSRS) retirement at the conclusion of current school year. The employee must also meet one of the following PSRS retirement categories:

    1. 30 years of creditable PSRS service
    2. Rule of 80 (age and creditable PSRS service equals 80)
    3. 60 years of age with five years of creditable PSRS experience
    4. 25 years of creditable PSRS experience
    5. Retirement under the disability rule

    The district reserves the right to request verification of application for retirement.