• Articulations

    Click the links below to view Hillyard Technical Center's Radiography program articulations: 
    NCMC's Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic Technology 
    UCM's Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology 
    NWMSU's Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Science 
    Hillyard Technical Center, NCMC, UCM, and NWMSU are independent institutions and have no agreements beyond the articulation agreements currently in place. Hillyard Technical Center cannot schedule the student, guarantee placement in a course, nor guarantee completion of any course at an articulated institution.  Hillyard Technical Center has no control or influence over NCMC, UCM, or NWMSU or their respective programs; therefore, Hillyard Technical Center cannot guarantee completion or simultaneous completion of Hillyard Technical Center’s Radiography program and NCMC, UCM, or NWMSU's Degree in Radiologic Technology/Science.
    Additionally, Hillyard Technical Center, NCMC, UCM, and NWSU are financially independent of each other.  Hillyard Technical Center tuition includes tuition, fees, and supplies only for courses taken at Hillyard Technical Center.  Hillyard Technical Center tuition does NOT include any expenses “Track A” students will incur at an articulated institution.  “Track A” students will have a separate financial responsibility to NCMC, UCM, or NWMSU for any courses taken at NCMC, UCM, or NWMSU.