• Mentors

    Mentors are kind and caring adults who offer children support and guidance. Mentors genuinely like and respect children and are willing to make a sustained personal commitment to the Connect-Tomorrow program and to their student. Mentors volunteer their time by visiting with their students at school, interacting with them on a one-on-one basis, and serving as positive role models.

    Mentors will

    • Increase their involvement in the community
    • Recognize they can make a difference
    • Make a new friend
    • Gain new experience and knowledge about youth and the community's schools
    • Contribute to the quality of the future work force

    Students will

    • Receive the support and guidance of a caring adult
    • Make a new friend
    • Experience an increase in self-esteem
    • Receive encouragement to stay in school and graduate
    • Gain knowledge about their community and the world of work

    For more information call (816) 671-4000