• St. Joseph School District

    “Music In Our Schools”

    Donation Program

    Instrument Maintenance Agreements

    Music education plays an important role in the development of a child!

    Music teaches self discipline, team work, problem solving, and the enjoyment of the Fine Arts!

    Music teaches skills and concepts that help students to better understand mathematics!

    Music students gain important cultural experiences! 

    Many students in the St. Joseph School District will begin playing a musical instrument in the 6th grade this school year.  Most families provide instruments for their child to gain this valuable experience.  Sadly, however, some families can not afford this expense.

    Through your generous donation of a wind, percussion, or string instrument, the St. Joseph School District will be able to provide a “student in need” the opportunity to become a part of their school band or orchestra!  In many cases, the instrumental music experience carries over throughout a student’s education, through middle school, high school, and even on to college!

    This program begins with YOU donating a string instrument (STRING SUPPORTER) or band instrument (BAND BACKER).  Bring us your old, used flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, orchestra bells, snare drum, violin, viola, cello, or bass.  We will go over each instrument and make certain it is in proper playing condition before carefully screening and selecting a “student in need” to use the instrument in the St. Joseph School District music program.  All donated instruments will become the property and responsibility of the St. Joseph School District.

     In turn, we will send you an official certificate acknowledging your support, either STRING SUPPORTER (for string instruments) or BAND BACKER (for band instruments)!  We will also add your name to the Music In Our Schools Donation Plaque which is displayed in the St. Joseph School District Downtown Office!

    Instruments should be delivered to Troester Media Center, 3401 Renick, St. Joseph, Missouri.  The contact person for this program is Kevin Griffin (SJSD Secondary Fine Arts Coordinator).  If you have questions regarding this program, please call Kevin Griffin at TMC (816-671-4390).